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Our Audience

The Viva la Vegan! audience is a unique, targeted and engaged audience interested in the vegan lifestyle especially as it relates to food, health, recipes, detox diet and makeup. Viva la Vegan! utilises all aspects of promotion, marketing and Social Media to promote positive education, information and vegan outreach.

Age - 33.5% are aged 25-34, 27.5% are aged 18-24, 15% 35-44 - with 54% Male audience

Area - 40% live in the United States of America, 29% live in Australia
            Also notable: United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, India, and Spain.

Top Searches are for vegan diet, vegan recipes, vegan christmas recipes, vegan youtube, vegan athletes, vegan clothing, vegan health and fitness, vegan magazine, vegan australia

Social Network 55% FaceBook, 17% Twitter, 16% Pinterest, 9% Google+

Visits & Views
Total Unique Visits
* 7776 per month

Total Page Views * 9174 per month

The Viva la Vegan! audience of subscribers, members and the Social Media fanbase is large, has grown over the past 12 months and continues to grow. We have more regular quality content (mostly daily) including blogs, articles, videos, podcasts and recipes, plus cross promotion, new partnerships, active use of Social Media and email marketing to continue in the future.

* on average for the past 6 months (as of the end of January 2015) with Total (Unique) Visits & Total Views being a more consistent indicator of traffic.

Social Media Advertising

As of the end of January 2015, Viva la Vegan! has over 106 000 Google+ followers, 11 000 FaceBook followers, 8 000 Twitter followers, 2 300 YouTube followers, and 2 600 Pinterest followers.

If you advertise on our website, you will also receive one post (of your website link) to all of the above Social Media channels, which will go out to our followers. To advertise only on our Social Media channels, you will receive two posts (of your selected image with website link) within one week to all of the above channels. Please choose the Small Ad option HERE and email me below. Note: FaceBook boosted post is encouraged for your advert to actually be seen. Let me know the additional amount you'd like to add.

Ad Banners

vlv_large_skyscraper_120x600Large 120 x 360
vlv_small_squarebutton_125x125Small 125 x 125

Image Size
We accept standard ad sizes within the limits outlined below  (as per standard IAB banner sizes). Please send them at the correct size, we do not resize your ads for you.

Image width can only be 120-125 pixels - no larger or smaller. 

  • Small - image height of 125 pixels or less
  • Medium - image height of 240 pixels or less
  • Large - image height of 600 pixels or less

File Format
Files must be supplied in standard image formats, either;

  • .gif
  • .png
  • .jpeg (compressed at 90-95%)

Pricing **

Small AU$50 per 1000 impressions - also Social Media Advertising (see above)

Medium AU$75 per 1000 impressions

Large AU$100 per 1000 impressions

10 000 impressions will last a few months. Minimum of 1000 impressions.
"Impressions" are how many times an ad has been viewed, read a description about Impressions.

** Prices calculated are based on the Industry average of a 5% click-through rate

Apply Now

Interested? Please fill in the application form below.
Once your application is approved, the next step is emailing your Banner Ad(s) to us and then paying via the VLV Shop.
If you have further questions before applying please contact us here.


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