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Animals are Not ours to Use

Animals are not ours to USE; NOT for food, products or clothing. NOT for entertainment, NOT to experiment on, NOT to hunt with or to pull carriages, NOT to work for us, NEVER to inseminate (rape) or breed. Animals simply are not OURS to USE, but to co-exist with. Never to imprison - but to liberate. Tell everyone about the many benefits of the vegan lifestyle. Tell them the truth – the Vegan Truth.

dog and person We’ve been lied to by society. We forget when we were children (before being sold a heap of lies) how much we loved and connected with non-human animals. They are divine beings as we are. They have families and relationships. They speak to us; just with a different language. We have no right to enslave, exploit and take the lives of other conscious beings, not anymore than if those with more physical strength than us killed and ate us - would have that right. We are acting everyday without thinking of what we do, in a treacherous way, towards others. We are in the wrong and must change our perception.

Just as humans evolved to the decision to outlaw human slavery, we must abolish nonhuman animal slavery. We must abolish ALL slavery. Vegans live a life free of participation in enslaving others. Anyone, of any religion or ethnicity can have this loftier consciousness that veganism holds – anyone can become vegan. The Vegan Lifestyle is packed with benefits and rewards for choosing to be more compassionate, such as: more energy, better health, more mental clarity, a more expanded sense of justice and compassion, closer bonds with other species; which adds that magical touch to life, and a greater sense of spirituality, for some.

The Vegan World we want, if created, will be a metamorphosis for our culture. Our Vegan World will be more peaceful; hardly any violence, all will be fed, and we might actually even still have an Earth left to live on! Veganism is a solution to the sustainability problem we face globally. I may “want” to eat 2 chocolate cakes for breakfast, but I just don’t because my reasoning mind ‘kicks in’ and says this is not reasonable – I’ll get sick from it. The same holds true for your “wants” to eat animals. We must allow our reasoning mind to take over our “want” to eat, wear, and use other animals and their bodily secretions. Your “wants” are far too selfish and irreverent. There are plenty of long-time living vegans which serves as living proof that we kill, exploit, and enslave other sentient beings, NEEDLESSLY. We can live beautifully without animal products.

We can rise out of our caveman mentality and create a Vegan World – if we want it. I want it more than anything. I want to live in a vegan world where no innocent life form lives in fear of being unjustly imprisoned, exploited and even tortured, killed and eaten by the human (but very inhumane) race. All the energy spent and imagination to create devices for killing will be replaced with inspiring creativity or inventions that are for the betterment of ‘The Whole’. We will lead the way for all species to behold that killing, hunting, butchering, or slaughtering is something “we used to do”. We will tune into the songs of free birds instead of the expressions of grief from those we inflict with suffering and misery.

Vegans see so clearly that society is needlessly murdering their gentle friends and killing the planet with their animal husbandry practices. We are burdened knowing The Truth of the Vegan Ethic and having to live in this very non-vegan world every day. I shudder when I see leather shoes! Join us in creating the Vegan World that is our next evolutionary step. We have to WANT a vegan world, and then work towards making it a reality. Do you have anything more meaningful to give your life to? As 2013 approaches, surely we are ready to step up into our more evolved selves and become vegan - for the advancement of the human race.

This article originally appeared on the Veganism: A Truth Whose Time has Come website

M Butterflies Katz

M Butterflies Katz is based in the USA and New Zealand and has been a vegan for over 3 decades. She runs the blog Veganism: A Truth Whose Time has Come, previously wrote for the now-retired Australian Vegan Voice magazine and is the Co-author of Incredibly Delicious; Recipes for a New Paradigm by Gentle World

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