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Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats: Allergy-free & Vegan Recipes
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Friday, 24 January 2014

In Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats, Debbie Adler reveals why she uses nourishing grapeseed oil and coconut oil, why it's best to sweeten with zero-calorie stevia and mineral-rich coconut nectar and how her gluten-free flour mix packs an alimental punch. The book is a treasure trove of valuable tips, tricks and intimate details, and Debbie shares all her delectable secrets for 50 treats like Irresistible Red Velvet Cupcakes and Cosmic Chocolate Chip Cookies.


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Zoe Weil Australian Speaking Tour in February + Interview
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Acclamined international speaker and author on Humane Education, Zoe Weil is touring Australia mid-February with her The World Becomes What You Teach speaking tour.


Zoe took some time out to answer a few of my questions:

Slaves of Our Affection: The Myth of the Happy Pet book
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Monday, 20 January 2014

Do you think that having pets is beneficial to both people and animals? And that pets enjoy an easy life? 

Longtime former veterinarian Charles Danten asks us to set aside preconceived ideas to take an honest look at what underlies our love of the animals we hold dearest in his book Slaves of Our Affection. The Myth of the Happy Pet? This provocative exposé puts our most revered interactions with animals under the microscope. Meticulously documented, it raises poignant questions about the nature of our relationships with animals, and reveals little-known aspects of the industry behind it all. Pet food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, veterinarians, shelters, humane societies, animal activists, factory farms, and even pet owners are at the core of a subtle exploitation that operates under the guise of love and compassion.

Charles took some time out to answer some of my questions.


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Meatonomics book - Interview with David Simon + excerpt
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Friday, 17 January 2014

Lawyer and animal advocate, David Simon recently released his book, Meatonomics: The Bizarre Economics of Meat and Dairy - focusing on the rational, logical and analytic perspectives of a plant-based diet and how we are being mislead by food producers and lawmakers. He takes some time to answer my questions below, plus see below for an excerpt.


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High Protein, No Powder: Real Food Protein Bars & Smoothies
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Monday, 13 January 2014
The average person needs 50-80 grams of protein per day.  If you’re trying to build muscle or improve overall healthy, you may need more. The problem is that commercial protein supplements contain dangerous chemicals and are so processed, that the human body does not know how to properly digest them.  The protein in the supplements cannot be properly absorbed and used by the body, and sometimes, can even cause the body to be weaker.

High Protein, No Powder:  Protein Bars and Smoothies Make with Real Food is an eBook written to educate consumers on the dangers of commercial protein bars and protein powders.  These artificial foods are filled with toxins, unnecessary sweeteners and have extremely dangerous effects on the body. See below for my interview with Tiffany from Don't Waste the Crumbs and two of her recipes.


Buy the eBook.

Viva la Vegan's Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Friday, 10 January 2014

Here's my Top 10 Videos from YouTube of all time:

  1. Leigh-Chantelle interviews Dr Carol Glasser from Vegina (2011)
  2. How to make Soy Milk - using soy beans and water (2012)
  3. How to make Vegan Cheese sauce with nutritional yeast flakes (2012)
  4. How to make Scrambled Tofu (2010)
  5. How to prepare Eggplant or Aubergine (2010)
  6. Chia seeds. What to do with Chia seeds & How to use Chia seeds (2012)
  7. How to make Quinoa Sushi Rolls (2012)
  8. Staging Effective Events & Engaging Volunteers Workshop with Leigh-Chantelle (2013)
  9. Staging Effective Events talk with Leigh-Chantelle of Green Earth Festival (2010)
  10. What do Vegans eat? scrapbook style presentation with Leigh-Chantelle (2010)

See all the Videos HERE.

(as of January 2015)

Top 10 Blogs, Articles, Videos & Pins from 2013!
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Friday, 03 January 2014

2013 was another great year for myself and VLV! If you haven't seen the LONG list of the content created last year, see HERE.

The most popular board on Pinterest was - once again - Vegan & Animal Rights Events


The most popular article was part of my vegan athlete interview series - My Interview with Billy Simmonds: Vegan Body Builder - our video interview is also in the Top 10 list.


The most popular blog was my Staging Effective Events & Engaging Volunteers Video & Flyer - from a workshop I gave in the USA


My most popular video was Vegan Invasion: Community Building Panel at Vida Vegan Con 2013 - this may or may not be related to my new fans from the foot fetish community.


Viva la Vegan! 2013 Wrap Up - Articles, Blogs & Videos
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Friday, 20 December 2013

This year I have created various articles, videos, blogs and interviews for the VLV! followers and fans to watch, read, share and embrace wholeheartedly - and they did.

The VLV! authors and I have authored 167 articles this year. I've also written 51 blogs, given 7 international talks, published 6 video interviews, plus 35 videos in the new question and answer series - every Tuesday on YouTube.


With all that content, you may have missed a few, so here's the 2013 VLV recap:

How do you remain Positive in a not-so-positive World? Vid
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Thursday, 19 December 2013

Thanks for another great year. Here's the last of the videos for the year of the VLV! video Q&A series: How do you remain Positive in a not-so-positive World?

See the rest of the Q&A series here.

See more videos on the Viva la Vegan! YouTube channel.

One Dish Vegan Cookbook - Interview + Recipes + Giveaway
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Wednesday, 18 December 2013

One Dish Vegan Cookbook is the new e-book written by Sally Brooks who took some time out to answer my questions. This ebook has 100 meals for one pan, one bowl or one dish cooking.

See below for her recipes for Couscous Tomato Soup and Dairy-Free Pizza and how you can get a free copy.


Purchase the ebook on Amazon

Creepy Romance art book & interview with Cosondra Sjostrom
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Monday, 16 December 2013

Creepy Romance by vegan author Cosondra Sjostrom is a high quality one-of-a-kind Art Book with quotes by Cosondra and artwork from various artists.


Buy the Book . Help Fund this Project

Ghosts in the Machine documentary & interview w Liz Marshall
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Friday, 13 December 2013

The Ghosts in Our Machine, the acclaimed documentary film about the dramatic reality largely hidden from our view - the lives of individual animals living within and rescued from the machine of our modern world - has begun its awards-season run in four major U.S. markets.



Is Honey Vegan? - Video
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Thursday, 12 December 2013

Here's another of the VLV! video Q&A series: Is Honey Vegan?

See the rest of the Q&A series here.

See more videos on the Viva la Vegan! YouTube channel.

No Meat Athlete book - interview with Matthew Ruscigno
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ultramarathoner Matt Frazier from the No Meat Athlete website has just released a book with the same name:


Purchase the book here.

Co-writer Matthew Ruscigno who contributed the technical nutritional information and some recipes answered a few of my questions recently.

Speciesism: The Movie - interview with Mark Devries
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Monday, 09 December 2013

Speciesism: The Movie a Gritty Documentary Challenging the Way We Look at Animals & Each Other. This movie confronts contemporary agriculture, daring—in the face of cultural complacency and industry intimidation—to question its standard practices. With undercover investigations occupying headlines almost monthly, it’s no mystery modern farms are struggling to keep secrets. Director Mark Devries takes his hunch about the business several steps further, following a gut feeling through to its logical conclusion. The first-time filmmaker tables law school and instead hits the road, unexpectedly uncovering answers to uncomfortable questions about privilege and sentience.


Order the film

My Birthday Vegan Degustation Dinner at Urbane Restaurant
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Friday, 06 December 2013

Wednesday was my birthday and I celebrated it with twelve of my friends at the high-end Urbane Restaurant in Brisbane. Head chef and vegan, Alejandro Cancino has created successful vegan degustation nights a couple of times each month.

He had organised a special menu for me with some of my favourite things with 50% of our menu new on the night. Here's what we had:


How can I be Vegan when it's against my Cultural Upbringing?
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Thursday, 05 December 2013

Here's another of the VLV! video Q&A series: How can I be Vegan when it's against my Cultural Upbringing?

See the rest of the Q&A series here.

See more videos on the Viva la Vegan! YouTube channel.

Encounters with an Egalitarian film about Yves Bonnardel
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Wednesday, 04 December 2013

The film "Encounters with an Egalitarian" by the French Swiss director Gwennaël Bolomey gives the golden opportunity to see into the mind of Yves Bonnardel - a French activist committed to egalitarianism and animal causes and the author of numerous articles, pamphlets and essays. The two men, longtime friends, met on several occasions, both at Yves's countryside retreat and at activist events. These interviews help to sketch a portrait of a thinker who, in the last twenty years, has had a very strong influence on the French-speaking anti-speciesism movement.


In a reflection on the place given to animals in Western societies and the numerous ways in which they are exploited, Yves Bonnardel questions our relationship to non-human sentient beings, challenges humanism and re-examines the basic notion of equality, underlining the pressing need to apply it to other species.

Divided into chapters (The Notion of Equality, The Idea of Nature, Animal Exploitation, etc..) "Encounters with ..." is thirty minutes long and features English subtitles. The film is now available on DVD, and for public screenings and debates.

Watch the film.

Inspiration for Survive & Prosper - Tracie O'Keefe interview
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Monday, 02 December 2013

Tracie O’Keefe is a vegan clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and naturopath. She spoke to me recently about her new book, Inspiration for Survive and Prosper, which helps people to overcome crisis or trauma.


Purchase the book here.


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