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Latest T.O.F.U. magazine
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The latest T.O.F.U. magazine is a pay-what-you-desire downloadable full-colour vegan magazine. I have an article Promoting Veganism in the latest issue, Spring 2011 (see the pic below) The creators, Ryan & Kira takes some time out to answer some of my questions.


My US adventures 2011 - Part Two: Seattle, WA
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Monday 11 July

Rex picked me up at the Seattle/Tacoma airport after 7pm and we headed to his and Rebecca's place in Des Moines where their vegan friends were waiting for us for Games Night to begin. Every other Monday a Games night is organised with various vegans in the Seattle community taking place at various houses. Tonight we played Shadows over Camelot that I won't even attempt to explain the rules for, but it ended up being a lot easier to play than it first seemed. We all ate pizzas that Rebecca had bought and heated in the oven along with some vegetables and dips. Then we played Scattergories which was a lot easier than Shadows over Camelot! The last time I stayed in Seattle I also stayed with Rex & Rebecca and it was probably my favourite place to be, probably a lot to do with the company!

My US adventures 2011 - Part One: Los Angeles, CA
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wednesday 6 July

Today is the first day of my US adventures for 2011! This time I'm going for 8 weeks and I can't wait. First stop is a 13 hour flight to LA. I arrived at the airport quite early as my Dad was also flying to work this morning, so Mum dropped him off at the domestic terminal and then me at the International terminal. As I was more than 3 hours early for my flight I couldn't check in until three hours before the flight leaving so I caught up on computer work and emails. Had a Subway Vegie Delight while waiting, not the most exciting food to start my journey, but okay.

The flight left Brisbane at 10:25am and was meant to be an early arrival at LAX which ended up not happening. I pretty much fell asleep as soon as I sat in my chair, which was great as we had to wait quite awhile for people to board. I'm glad that I can fall asleep easily when flying otherwise it would be quite tedious. Luckily my ankle seems to be healed since twisting/spraining it on Saturday jumping off of the stage at Jodi's party in Byron Bay.

new Veg restaurant Pink Lily, Springwood
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Monday, 11 July 2011

My family and some friends headed to new vegetarian restaurant, Pink Lily in Springwood on Monday night 4 July to celebrate my second last dinner in Brisbane for awhile. Teresa the owner and chef opened the restaurant especially for us, the official opening is July 15. Pink Lily is located in Brisbane's Southside and is part of the Springwood Towers apartment block.

NOTE: Pink Lily opened for business on Monday 25th July 2011. Please phone 07 3387 7090 for bookings and reservations or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

See below for UPDATE October & Menu

Vegan Bingo
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Friday, 08 July 2011

I recently came across some great vegan bingo cards from Kelly Garbato who runs the Easy Vegan website. Hope you like them:


Vegan makeup fit for a Mermaid
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Tuesday, 05 July 2011

I starred as Seashell the Mermaid in Renata's upcoming children's DVD Going Green with Renata released October 2011. Here's how to do professional makeup for film sets with makeup fit for a Mermaid!


Vegan makeup in 5 minutes
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Sunday, 03 July 2011

Here's my first vegan makeup video as requested by the gals!

How to apply makeup in 5 minutes:

500km walk for the animals ends with a Party in Byron Bay!
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Saturday, 25 June 2011

I have a close friend, Jodi Ruckley, who is an inspiring lass. She's been a vegan animal activist for years and spends her time in Australia and France spreading the vegan message however she can. Jodi has recently started a not for profit group Our Place on Earth and aims to open an animal sanctuary around Northern New South Wales as soon as she can. One of the ways Jodi has been spreading the vegan message the past few months is via a 500km walk (which is just over 310 miles) from Australia's capital, Canberra, to end up at Byron Bay Saturday 2 July.


Vegan Black Metal Chef
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Thursday, 09 June 2011

There's a new vegan chef on the block, he wears cruelty-free makeup, dresses head-to-toe in black and knows how to use many different types of knives!

Vegan Black Metal Chef

BIG BIRDS, BIG CRUELTY: factory farming of turkeys in Oz
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Tuesday, 07 June 2011

I received an email earlier this year, and finally got to met a lovely lass, Lara Drew, who came to Brisbane from her hometown of Canberra to attend my Green Earth Day festival. Lara recently graduated with a Bachelor of Community Education and for her final year project she had the opportunity to research an issue in the community. This is Lara's story she's compiled (and somewhat of a guest blog!) on the plight of factory farmed turkeys in Australia.


Bat Rap
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Monday, 09 May 2011

Cute video and Rap from Peter Noble about bats:

See www.myspace.com/dyingtobealiveaus for more info

Mother's Day lunch at Loving Hut
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Saturday, 07 May 2011

Once again some friends and I took our families to the Loving Hut Mother's Day buffet to celebrate Mother's Day. Even though Eric didn't deliver on his promise of the now-no-longer-available-at-Loving-Hut-Mt-Gravatt Singapore Noodles  being available for all to consume on this day only, he once again out did himself with the menu (including the punch below):


adventues to Maleny & Kind Living Cafe
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Thursday, 05 May 2011

There's a new raw, vegan restaurant in town and it's at the Sunshine Coast - about time I know for all you vegans up that way who have had slim picking for years now. So, join me as Renata, Nick and I ventured to Kind Living Cafe one Tuesday in early May:


Sydney adventures & Sydney Vegan Festival
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Tuesday, 03 May 2011

Once again I'm off to Sydney and this time for the Sydney Vegan Expo:

Vegan Era & a vegan billboard in Queensland
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Monday, 04 April 2011

If you happen to be on the M1 highway between Gympie and the Sunshine Coast and see a billboard with the word vegan on it, fear not, it's the lovely Dave & Mandy from Vegan Era who have raised funds to erect this billboard:

Keep an eye out for other sightings in Queensland in the near future.

READ their billboard blog

How to recover from organising a vegan festival
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Thursday, 31 March 2011

So I organised, promoted, marketed etc an all-vegan environmental festival, Green Earth Day that took place on Saturday 12 March and as it was just so exhausting and overwhelming this year I went away for awhile afterward.

Great Green Day Out & the future of Green Earth Group
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Monday, 28 March 2011

Brisbane’s popular environmental event, Green Earth Day (previously Green Earth Festival) once again made its green mark on Saturday 12 March at the new venue Albion Peace Centre.


Vegan Myths debunked in song!
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I LOVE this song, Vegan Myths Debunked, it's an ever so cute, witty and catchy. Ivory King is the vegan gal who musician Jonathan Mann quizzes about her diet in duet form. Jonathan writes, records and videos a song each day, whether it's good or bad. I grew out of wanting to be a rock star awhile ago now, but I still enjoy performing sporadically and still love writing and recording, though I am getting sick of singing about heart break...

Now back to the myths, just where do we get our protein, calcium, iron, zinc? Oh, yeah, PLANTS!

Hope you like it:

Vegan Nutrition: Complementary Medicine, Beauty & Modelling
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Friends of mine (AGATA A. LISTOWSKA, MA and MARK A. NICHOLSON, ASO) released a book entitled Complementary Medicine, Beauty and Modelling. I was asked to write about Vegan Nutrition, my transition to veganism, the benefits and share a recipe. 


View My Info Here.

I was also one of the models in the book, here's some of the photos Mark took back in July 2007.

3 weeks today - Green Earth Day!
Written by Leigh-Chantelle   
Created Saturday, 19 February 2011

So, I'm organising a festival in Brisbane. We have changed the venue to Albion Peace Centre, Windsor.


This massive undertaking started at the beginning of 2009 from a seed planted in Nov 2008 by Kas from Adelaide's Vegan Festival and Jess who started Sydney's Cruelty Free Festival. At the time these lovely ladies suggested this to me, I was in the middle of writing my Detox Diet and said that I had way too much on my plate to be adding anything else, but once an idea germinates in my mind, it grows and grows with the possibilities until the prospect of not doing the task seems worse entirely.


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