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Vegan Existence (V.EX)

Vegan Existence (V.EX)

My friend Cameron Blewett has recently set up a vegan abolition group in Brisbane, Vegan Existence (V.EX)

Vegan Existence (V.EX) aims to show how we can live without exploiting animals in a way that can be healthy, doesn’t damage the environment, and uses the earth’s resources efficiently.  The aims and objectives of V.EX are to:

  • Promote abolition – the end of animal exploitation – and veganism
  • Present a clear statement about animal rights that:
    • promotes the abolition of animal exploitation and rejects regulation of that exploitation (welfare reforms)
    • is based only on animal feeling (sentience) and no extra criteria
    • regards veganism as the moral baseline of the animal rights position
    • rejects violence and promotes activism in the form of creative, non-violent vegan education.

I have just recorded some videos of Cam speaking about Vegan Existence as well as interviewing him for vivalavegan.net

Vegan Existence (V.EX) are organising free vegan education talks each month of 2010.  See HERE for more information.  I will be speaking at the first one on Why Vegan? as well as giving a speech about What do Vegans eat?  Hope to see you then!

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