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Making the Connection - GREAT film!

Environment Films and the Vegan Society (UK) have just released a GREAT video Making the Connection on various people's take on the plant-based diet and lifestyle.

This video is shot beautifully, well edited and designed. Ella Todd is the Creator and Managing Director of Environment Films and she also directs and Produces Making the ConnectionMaking the Connection is an informal take on the many benefits to being vegan and eating a plant-based diet.  They have worked hard to include as much information as possible but still delivering the facts in a relaxed way.

The film features eleven diverse contributors:

Music featured in Making the Connection is from two Internationally renowned vegan hip-hop artists: Promoe from Sweden - see his video for Long Distance Runner:

and Jah Sun from the US with their video No Bones, Bo Blood:

one of the members from Jah Sun featured in the great Why must we eat the animals? song I blogged about awhile ago.

Make sure you check out Making the Connection!

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