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Green Earth Group Bake Sale blog by Kommoner

Here's a blog by Keira from Kommoner who helped out with the GEG bake sale over the weekend.


Last Saturday I got up at 3:30am to help Green Earth Group with their bake sale at the West End Markets (6am - 2pm Saturdays).  Green Earth Group is a small local organisation that aims to help the environment by showing people how to have less impact through personal choices, such as going vegan, using reusable bags and cups and making green consumer choices.

This bake sale is part of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale.  I made and donated some strawberry cupcakes and some blueberry cupcakes.  There were a variety of things, like cheesecakes, banana bread, cookies and cream cupcakes, chocolate spiders and more.  I'm still deciding on what to make for this coming weekend...

View the original & full blog here. Thanks Keira!

Keira ended up making Jam Filled Donut Muffins for the second bake sale. Here's the RECIPE.

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