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2011 was a great year for myself and Viva la Vegan! I've interviewed many inspiring vegans (many of whom are my friends), spoke at various events in Australia and the USA, wrote an excessive amount of blogs and generally tried to continue with my positive information, education and vegan outreach in the best ways I know how. As a Sagittarian with a Gemini Moon and Ascendant it's all about communication for me - in all forms!

Thank you to everyone who has shared my blogs, recipes, articles, videos, links, interviews, talks etc etc on Social Media websites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and even MySpace. Thank you to those who have listened to my Podcasts on iTunes. Plus thank you to those who are subscribed to my videos on YouTube. 2011 was inspiring, I truly appreciate all those who have helped spread the vegan message and am humbled by hearing from each one of you. 2012 is going to be the year when some big shifts are coming. Are you ready?

My #1 blog for 2011 is: Adventures to Kind Living Cafe and Maleny:


My #1 video for 2011 (by far) is: Interview with Carol Glasser from Vegina:


Here's the Viva la Vegan! top 10 blogs and videos for 2011!

Viva la Vegan! TOP 10 BLOGS for 2011:

  1. Adventures to Kind Living Cafe and Maleny - raw mostly vegan restaurant at the Sunshine Coast
  2. New Veg Restaurant Pink Lily, Springwood - restaurant on Brisbane's Southside
  3. Vegan Easy Challenge 1st-30th March - one of my favourite outreach events from Animal Liberation Victoria
  4. 3 Weeks today - Green Earth Day - my all-vegan festival that took place in Brisbane, Australia
  5. Cruelty Free Vegan Christmas Recipes - an extensive look at cruelty-free alternatives to the mainstream Christmas fare
  6. Big Birds, Big Cruelty - Factory Farming of Turkeys in Oz - Lara Drew examines the plight of factory farmed turkeys in Australia
  7. Vegan Myths debunked in song - cute, witty and catchy song about vegans by vegans Ivory King and Jonathan Mann
  8. Sydney Adventures & Sydney Vegan Festival - one of my adventures this year to Sydney
  9. Mothers Day Lunch at Loving Hut - what's better than eating at Loving Hut? A LH buffet
  10. How to Recover from Organising a Vegan Festival - the lead up to the festival stress = shaving my head and other things

the blogs about my US Adventures to Seattle, my US adventures and my road trip to LA & Renata's DVD launch were all VERY close as well

Viva la Vegan! TOP 10 VIDEOS for 2011:

  1. Interview with Carol Glasser from Vegina - filmed at the Animal Rights Conference in LA
  2. How to do Professional Mermaid Makeup - my video tutorial on my vegan makeup for when I was a Mermaid in Renata's DVD
  3. Interview with Robert Cheeke from Vegan Bodybuilding - filmed in Cresent City as part of my road trip from Seattle to LA
  4. Tour of Cariad Farm Animal Sanctuary - one of my favourite places to go, Support Cariad however you can
  5. The Difference between Vegans and Vegetarians - there is quite a difference incase you don't know
  6. Interview with Marisa from Vegucated - great new film following 3 different New Yorkers going vegan for 6 weeks
  7. Interview with Jack Styles + - Jack is a superstar activist from Melbourne, Australia
  8. Why Vegan? - a talk I gave for the Brisbane Raw Food & Healthy Living group
  9. Interview with Shaun Monson from Earthlings - this film is a vegan-maker, new film Unity coming soon
  10. Interview with Shelley Williams from Oppress This - two gals from Australia meet in LA...
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