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There's a new vegan chef on the block, he wears cruelty-free makeup, dresses head-to-toe in black and knows how to use many different types of knives!

Vegan Black Metal Chef

Brian Manowitz is known to over one million fans as the Vegan Black Metal Chef who shows how easy it is to make a vegan Pad Thai:

The Washington Post had a great article and photo gallery all about Brian a couple of days ago with one of my favourite quotes: There is no group of people who are so intent on protecting their bodies from the influences of a herd-mentality society as vegans — except black metal fans. There is no group of people who are as indignantly self-righteous, as comically misunderstood or as regularly mocked as black metal fans — unless it is vegans.

In the days when I was going to be a rock star I used to hang around with a lot of other friends who were just as passionate, read obsessed, with music as I was. Metal music is great, I just can't stand the vocals, which really limits my scope of metal music listening. If you don't know anything about Metal and would like to I suggest you check out a documentary I saw with my friend, Danny, in 2005 for my birthday, Metal: a Headbanger's Journey. It's a mighty impressive account of the history of Metal and all the sub-genres.

Nowaday, I've grown out of my phase of wanting to be a rockstar, rarely have the time to practice my guitar/vocals and am really just sick of singing songs about heartbreak. Music and video is a great medium to effect SO many people and especially to get the vegan message out into the mainstream. Brain Manowitz, the metal gods and I salute your work!

Here's the latest video which is already racking up the views:

Photo copyright Washington Post

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