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I had a great interview with Jessi from Vegan Mainstream recently for the upcoming VStream zine:

VStream sneak peak cover

Click on the pic above or see HERE for the sneak peak.

Here's the blurb:

This 69-page online magazine is packed with articles from your favorite vegan bloggers, community leaders, chefs, and activists. Learn from them how to transform your kitchen, how fashion can save animals, what to say to the vegan opposition, why it's time to overcome the fear of change, the challenges of transitioning a community and of course some mouthwatering recipes. These stories are not only informative, but they also encourage us all to make a difference in our own communities.

Pre-Order yours TODAY for only US$2.99 (PDF download)

I am excited to be a part of this zine as there's some amazing people (and some of my great friends) involved, including:

Featured Articles

Find out much more HERE.

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