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There's a new vegan online community coming in September, but now available in Beta to a limited amount of users: VeganWALL. They aim to create the biggest vegan community and to connect all the vegans with the purpose of creating something new and useful.


Miro took some time out to answer a few questions:

Why did you decide to create the Vegan Wall website?
We have decided to create VeganWALL in order to promote a more sustainable living and help other vegans to find things that actually matter. The idea behind this is that, if every vegan shares useful information to other vegans, it would be much easier for everyone to find things. We, as the veganWALL development team, have adopted a new web technology (named meteor.js) - by developing this project that we believe can be really useful and in some way a little change the world in the right direction.
How long did the website take to make from creation to release?
The idea rose up on December 2013, but the real work started on February 2014. Our goal is to go online on september 2014.


What do you hope to achieve?
We want to create a place where vegans will be able to share things that REALLY matter. A tool useful to help people promote the vegan lifestyle. VeganWALL will be available on desktop and on mobile plaforms.
What has the response been like so far?
The response for now is really good. We have started our project by writing our ideas into a temporary blog in order to make public our ideas and concepts and receive some feedback from the users. For this reason, now contains only the details of our project. Even if users don't comment under each post, we have received 4000 likes in a month on facebook and most of our contacts come actually from social and emails. Said that, I still believe the real feedback will be given only once we are definitely online.

What are your future plans?
Our priority is to go online on September and once things have settled down, we would like to start implementing new features accordingly to the users feedback and responses. We have created a beta testing list, to allow a limited number of users to preview our work. We are working hard to openup the beta ASAP.

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