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I recently came across some great vegan bingo cards from Kelly Garbato who runs the Easy Vegan website. Hope you like them:


The above Defensive Omnivore Bingo was conceived by Brian VanderVeen (aka Hoveringdog) and posted on the original PostPunkKitchen forums. More: http://www.messyvegetarian​​idiculous-things-people-sa​y-to-vegans/





All other Bingo cards are CC Kelly Garbato, 2009 and shared under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works. More info & plain-text version of bingo card, some of which include links to debunkings or refutations of the silly sayings contained within:​bingo-cards/

All copyright info I found at

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Photo from my 20th #vegan #anniversary celebration with Nirvana yesterday at New Farm Park in #Brisbane! How long…
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