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Peter from the Online Associates Degree shared their latest infographic with me on the truth behind red meat for those people wanting to study nutrition or similar professions. The title of the infographic Eat Meat & Die is a bit in your face, the graphics aren't subtle, the references are credited. Overall I think the impact is great.

Here's the blurb:

For those seeking an associates degree in the ever-expanding field of nutrition or related health professions, a key part of the industry is knowing which foods are healthy, which foods aren’t, and which foods should be avoided at all costs. Recent studies have showed that the list of foods to stay away from may have acquired a new member: Red meat is consumed all over the globe, and it’s starting to show some very serious side effects. From heart disease to high cholesterol to cancer, red meat in all shapes and sizes is leading to a whole host of medical issues. Whether steaks, burgers, pork chops, or other favorites, the red meat so many people love is doing more harm than good. And when it comes to processed red meat, the effects are even worse. If you’ve heard of pink slime, brace yourself: The gooey meat by-product being served in schools nationwide is just the tip of the meat-malady iceberg.

And the graphic which you can download by clicking on the image or see HERE.

Eat Meat & Die

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