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With Winter behind us, Spring upon us and summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate and kick start your fitness regime! To some of us the thought of exercising & moving our bodies is exhilarating & makes us feel joyous. To others prodding ourselves in the eyeball with asparagus seems more appealing. Let’s face it, exercise and healthful eating is one of the most effective instruments we have to create the healthy, happy plant powered bodies we want. So here are some ways to help you get you’re A into G!


Know your true purpose & confront the devil on your shoulder.

Why do you want to work out? You know it’s good for you, sure. But what is the real, true, crystal clear reason you want to, and know you should exercise? Behind every action is a reason or a purpose. The more specific and focused this purpose is the more likely you will be to follow through with the actions required to reach that goal. For example you really want to fit into that little black dress, play sport at a more competitive level, have more energy, run a marathon, look buff on the beach, lift a certain weight etc. Whatever your goal is make it a SMART goal: Specific, Measureable, Achievable Realistic and Time Stamped. Saying you want to just “loose some weight” compared to “I want to loose 4kg of body fat by December 1st for my summer holiday” is far more specific and purpose driven goal & will therefore be something you are much more likely to take action towards achieving. It can also be helpful to ask yourself – if I continue the way I’m going what will my result be? Go to the depths of what the long term unhappy ending may very well amount to. Confront and visualise this as if they were real. Scary huh? Use the carrot (your purpose driven goals) & the stick (your unhappy ending) to help propel you towards a fit, healthy and vibrant you!

Embody the feeling of a fit & healthy you!

Ultimately we all want our health & fitness goals because of the way they’re going to make us feel. How will running that marathon, losing that weight, looking like a veggie tank, hitting that personal best make you feel? Would it make you feel confident, sexy, strong, proud..? For example take the feeling of being confident or sexy and really visualise and embody what it would look & feel like to be truly confident or sexy. Sit or stand how someone who is confident and sexy would. Feel the flow of those feelings running through your body, beating through your veins. Be that person. Now do you want to go for that run? You bet! From another stand point if you’re an animal rights activist or passionate about promoting a plant based lifestyle, would being fit and healthy make you feel that you could be more confident or effective as an activist? Find the feeling that drives you. Embody it and you will have all the motivation you need.

No more Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda’s

Been on a binge lately? Too much comfort food and too little movement? Feeling frankly unmotivated to exercise and beating yourself up about what you shoulda, woulda or coulda done? STOP! Forgive yourself and put yourself in the now. Right now is all you have. This very moment. What’s great about that? You have absolute 100% control over what you choose right now. The one thing that will always be consistent about the future - it comes one day at a time. It’s about starting somewhere and making consistent healthy habits over the long term. Beating yourself up for ‘cheating’ or having an off day, week or month is like trying to run away from your shadow. It just doesn’t work. Live in the now and make the choice to nourish and move your body!

Make exercise FUN!

As soon as you view or brand exercise as a chore, as a ‘have to’ rather than a ‘get to’ you automatically reduce your chances of working out consistently. It becomes completely un-fun. Moving your body every day with energy can be fun and effortless if you choose the right mindset and activities that get you excited. For example running on a treadmill continuously might bore you to tears but playing a sport, going to a group fitness class or boot camp with friends might be just your thing. Choose activities that will make you want to get out there and move your body. Change the scenery if you go for runs. Add an uplifting & motivating music playlist if working out in the gym. Get creative and make fitness FUN!

Fawn_PorterFawn Porter is a Sydney based qualified personal trainer, premiere league touch football player, fitness junkie and closet chocoholic. She is the Founder of Mean Green Personal Training which offers a range of personalised online programs to help people achieve their ultimate health & fitness goals on a plant based diet. Her mission: to empower people to take control on their health & fitness through ethical & nutrient dense dietary choices and active living. Creating a better wold one 'green machine' at a time.

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