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diet500From diet fads to extreme restrictions eating habits are as big today as they were five years ago or even ten years ago. However, even with increased awareness, information and access obsesity is on the rise as are the associating dieseas from diabetes type 2 to heart disease. What is being missed?

Whilst there is no doubt that the quality of food plays a role it is better, in this instance, to take a step even further back. This has everything to do with the image of being healthy and maintaining a healthy diet. The operative word is "image" because beneath this there is no commitment or openness to understanding why this should really matter.

Being healthy is more than looking good in a bikini. It is a reflection of self esteem, self belief and self worth. Then add in the energetic aspect, which is often referred to as the higher-self or the spiritual self, and this then compounds this situation three fold. 

Why? Because often energey is the amplification of intention and when one is compromising their own self worth this will be projected to the universe and all that surrounds them. Consequently that means by going on a diet or following a health regime purely for superficial results will end exactly that way. 

Now, if the energy reflected interally with the intention of being healthy for more than image this of course would have a different affect - internally and externally. In other words, the real reason, and when being honest, the goal is not about being healthy or looking good, it is about being happy and being able to do whatever is wanted. This changes the vibration and will impact the success rate of any and every program.

It sounds trendy to eat raw food or seemingly healthy food but if the heart (and energetic intention) is not in it then it cannot be sustained. Being healthy and having a good diet doesn't need to be over the top; simply honest with the person of what is possible.

Also, creating change in a diet can be done in steps so it is more about reprogramming bad habits into sustainable ones and thus this then becomes a lifestyle, not a quick fix. This will assist in building confidence, self esteem as well as an image that is a reflction of the person.

This simple action will affect all other areas of the person's life taking on a holistic result. It is here where image and health become as easy as breathing.

Hally_Rhiannon-NammuHally Rhiannon-Nammu is a renowned Behavioural Change Expert and Spiritual Guru. Her work spreads across the globe from helping people overcome trauma from past lives, healing animals through vibrational medicine, banishing demon possessions to enabling alignment/enlightenment of self through removal of lifelong barriers. An author of seven books, part of four group collaborations, a Masters in Writing and an advocate of fair treatment for all living creatures.

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