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Stephanie from Aduki reviewed the latest VLV! recipe calendar. Here's her words:

So much more than a calendar, this compact vegan resource comprises 12 new fresh and flavoursome vegan recipes. The 2008 calendar also comes with sun signs, moon phases, a brand new facts on panel for each dish and a compassionate quote for every month.

A page is dedicated to each recipe and features a full colour photograph along with details on key ingredients in the dishes, for example, the nutritional properties of the produce, how to prepare, cook and serve it and where to buy it. The recipes are all quick, easy and healthy alternatives for meat, dairy, egg, gluten and wheat-free cooking and are precluded by an interesting discussion of the history and benefits of

Using predominately wholegrains and fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, the recipes include a range of veganstaples eg curries, stir-frys and pastas as well as the more unusual Quinoa and Currant Salad and savoury pancake and pasty recipes.

I found this calendar particularly appealing as the recipes use readily and locally available produce. The few specialty or pre-prepared ingredients that are required (such as soy cream or falafel) are either local brands or easily sourced from health food stores orthe supermarket.

Now into its third year of publication, the calendar is the creation of Brisbane-based vegan and accredited Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, Leigh-Chantelle ND. She also developed a sister website, , a new and evolving interactive online community with quality vegan information, recipes and other resources.

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