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1379622_626819060701752_1997669264_nAnimals will never cease to play an integral role in each life that is privileged enough to cross paths or be connected with them. Their life forces are pure and free from the manipulation of the human ego and they share greater compassion than humans could even begin to fathom – today, tomorrow and probably not even as close as the next ten years.

Whilst there are some incredible movements and organisations helping animals that have been mistreated in ways that is deplorable and completely unacceptable, there is still much work to be done in realising the inadequacy of humans' treatment towards animals. Apparently China still test on animals for make-up and whether this is rumour or fact, it is nevertheless inexcusable. In such situations Karma is not enough for the harm that is caused.

With this said, and fortunately, the Karma most are aware of is nothing near the Karma that I have seen and whilst it would be wonderful to see the balance be regained in the animal world to the human world for what has been done, it is still some years off. This however, does not mean that this should be stopped or discounted because every effort, every tear and every heart placed on the line for an animal will help, if only energetically during this dark time. From the dark comes light and it is with all of this help from those that have the compassion of an animal that animals too will find their way out.

Many forget that Earth is not a human planet, it is a planet for all living creatures. This includes animals, insects, ocean life and then there are many others in between.

1374055_632738516776473_769518962_nHumans do not have the right to deplete the land of its resources to fill pockets with a substance that is man-made (the irony). Humans are not smarter or better than the rest of the planet and given the way the planet is reacting and how the species are responding it is clear whilst humans excel at destruction they do not excel at where the true power lies. That is within harmony and balance. When working with harmony and balance, the power of the planet, the energy of all life forces and the incredible essence of the universe become one. It can out shine any evil or darkness and this is what humans do not understand. They try to control, steal, break but life force, like energym, cannot be controlled or stolen or even broken. It will simply find another way.

After seeing some horrific scenes throughout the year; after hearing some incredible stories where some humans; the evolution of humans, have been working with animals and the amazing feats that have been achieved because of this. There is much more of this to come. I will always be a voice for those that speak another language. I will always stand by their side as a complementing, not competing, life force. The true beauty of life is not in the glitch of a facade but the smile on an animal. 

The year comes to a close in remembering those that have helped an animal, those that have spoken when animals were not heard or gave love for a life as precious as every other. The year of animals is a year filled with happy moments and one I am privileged to be part of. Choose your actions and always for those greater than your own interest; for that is a universal life force working in harmony.

Hally_Rhiannon-NammuHally Rhiannon-Nammu is a renowned Behavioural Change Expert and Spiritual Guru. Her work spreads across the globe from helping people overcome trauma from past lives, healing animals through vibrational medicine, banishing demon possessions to enabling alignment/enlightenment of self through removal of lifelong barriers. An author of seven books, part of four group collaborations, a Masters in Writing and an advocate of fair treatment for all living creatures.

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