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I only found out recently that my tattoos are probably not very vegan at all. A few vegan friends of mine knew that not all tattoos are vegans but many of us had no idea why there was a difference.

After a bit of researching I have found that it’s related to the pigments in the tattoo ink which is part of a carrier solution.

  Pigments can be made from metal salts (iron or copper) or plant derivatives, however the black pigment (bone black) is made, obviously from the name, from animal bones burnt down to charcoal. Lovely. The carrier solution which is made up of such things as alcohol, water and glycerine/glycerine/glycol which may come from a vegetable source but more often than not is from an animal.

NOTE: see my interview with Brian T Wilson from Portland, OR's own vegan tattoo shop, Scapegoat Tattoo (July 2010)

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