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LC marketing talk at BVF by Glenn

Leigh-Chantelle gives lectures, workshops, consultations, and coaching on:
  • Vegan Health & Lifestyle
  • Staging Effective Events & Engaging Volunteers
  • Online Marketing & Social Media
  • Online Etiquette & Effective Communication
  • Tech Tips & Online Security
  • Writing and Releasing your own Book or eBook
She is available as a keynote speaker at your event or workplace on various topics – capturing core values and highlighting these for your audience. She lives mostly in Brisbane, Australia but travels all over the globe.
To enquire about a possible appearance, please contact her.

 BVF LC audience

Veganism, Animal Rights & Activism

Leigh-Chantelle has been a vegan for almost 20 years, and has run this Viva la Vegan! website since 2005. She is an expert on the vegan lifestyle and gives vegan-specific talks, workshops and programmes including:

The Basics:
  • Why Vegan?
  • What Do Vegans Eat?
  • The Benefits of Being Vegan
  • The Environmental Impacts of Our Diet
  • 20 Years a Vegan (2017+)
  • Ethics Beyond the Plate
  • Veganism: More Than Just a Diet
  • Should Vegans Eat Mock Meat Products?
  • Commitment and Consistency in Business and Beyond
  • Activism & Ethics
  • Vegan Fashion
  • Promoting Veganism Online
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Marketing Yourself Using Social Media
  • Online Etiquette & Effective Communication
  • Tech Tips for Beginners
  • Online Security
  • Positive Blogging
  • Vegan Activism Online
Business & Promotion:
  • Promoting Veganism
  • Vegans as Entrepreneurs
  • Staging Effective Events & Engaging Volunteers
  • Writing & Releasing Your Own Book or eBook
  • Creating Your Vegan Tribe
  • Community Building
  • Activism & Engaging Abroad
  • International Activism

(Online programmes, workbooks, and retreats coming in 2017)

See Examples of Previous Speaking Events

LC Brisbane CFS Tour

Leigh-Chantelle also consults and speaks at events, small businesses and corporate clients on her other passions: technology and communicating online. See more here

Other Programmes Include:

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Introduction to FaceBook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube
  • Introduction to Online Marketing
  • Marketing Yourself on Social Media
  • Communicating Effectively Online
  • Online Etiquette
  • Tech Tips for Beginners
  • Online Security
  • How to Write a Book
  • How to Publish your own Book
  • How to Publish your own eBook

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