Viva La Vegan!

It's that time of year, and I'd love to you to have a truly Compassionate xmas this year, which to me STARTS with being vegan.

Nibble Nuts

Whatever you do, here's a few past VLV links to help you get through this truly silly season of excess:

Cruelty Free Vegan Christmas Recipes 

How to Survive Christmas as a Vegan including what to do and not do.

Other great articles by some of the VLV! writers:

REMEMBER you can purchase my recipes eBook for a cruelty-free Christmas:

pop xmas ebook

See ALL the information and links HERE. You can also share my vegan recipe photo albums from Pinterest, FaceBook and Google+


I'm looking forward to the re-launch of the VLV website in the new year - to celebrate our 10th (!!) anniversary! SO much more exciting news is coming too!

If you're having a break, make it a good one!

Spicy Chickpeas

Here's my Surviving Christmas Podcast:

I'll leave you with my spoken word poem, A Christmas Wishlist:


'Tis the season to be aware
of your actions, words and deeds.
My wish for you this Xmas
is that you get exactly what you need.

Replace old traditions with new ideals,
Replace what you've accepted with the truth.
Replace excessive spending with empathy,
Replace knick-knacks with things you can use.

Replace intolerance with justice,
Replace war with intelligence.
Replace uncertainty with understanding,
Replace religion with reverence.

Replace all that you want with what you deserve,
Replace consumerism with content.
Replace presents with hugs-a-plenty,
Replace gluttony with nourishment.

'Tis the season to be thankful
for the lessons good and bad we've received.
May your Xmas be full of laughter and joy,
Safe, happy and cruelty-free!
Leigh-Chantelle 07/12/02



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