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oreo icecream cakes


1 packet Oreo cookies
250 ml vanilla soy ice cream eg So Good
250 ml chocolate soy ice cream eg So Good

You will also need:

Baking/parchment paper
4 ramekins (small mould dishes)


Allow the ice cream to melt naturally in separate dishes

Pull off 4 tops from the Oreo cookies and place aside

Process the remaining cookies until fine

Place baking paper into the ramekins

Firmly press biscuit mix into ramekins and freeze for 10 minutes

Pour the vanilla ice cream evenly into the four ramekins

Freeze for 20 – 30 minutes

Pour the chocolate ice cream into the ramekins

Place the Oreo biscuit tops into the ice cream as decoration

Freeze until needed

Melt the ice cream a bit before serving
Don’t microwave the ice cream to defrost, as this will cause icicles when frozen

Serves 4 people

Recipe and photo © Leigh-Chantelle 2007

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