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I've been in Ubud, Bali for most of the past month, but will be returning home to host the Vegan Lifestyle Speaking Tour presented by (one of my clients) Cruelty Free Super - Australia's ONLY 100% vegan superannuation.

CFS TourPoster

5-7 May in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

ALL the information & to RSVP is here.

Being vegan is about a lot more than what food you do or don’t eat. Join inspiring vegans from all professions and all walks of life, as they share their triumphs and challenges in a not-so vegan-friendly world.

ALL three events will have the following people speaking:

Lee Coates from Cruelty Free Super

Lee Coates

Billy Simmonds from Prana ON

Billy Simmonds

All events hosted by Leigh-Chantelle from Viva la Vegan! (that's me!)

Leigh Chantelle

Each event will also feature two inspiring vegans in their hometown.

BRISBANE - Thursday 5 May 6PM

Brad King from Farm Animal Rescue

Brad King

Alejandro Cancino from Urbane Restaurant

Alejandro Cancino

The Gardens Club
75 Gardens Point Road, Brisbane CBD (Behind QUT & adjacent to the River Stage)
* Pizza Picnic in the Park at 5pm before the event for those who RSVP
FaceBook event

MELBOURNE - Friday 6 May 6PM

Pam Ahern from Edgar’s Mission

Pam Ahern
Pana Barbounis from Pana Chocolate

Pana Barbounis 

Edinburg Gardens Community Room
Alfred Cresent, Fitzroy North
* Food provided for those who RSVP
FaceBook event

SYDNEY - Saturday 7 May 2PM

Bede Carmody from A Poultry Place

Bede Carmody

Katrina Fox from Vegan Business Media

Katrina Fox

York Conference & Functions Centre
Level 2, 95-97 York Street, Sydney CBD
* Snacks provided to those who RSVP
FaceBook event

ALL the information & to RSVP is here.

I also asked each participant a couple of questions about the tour - see below for why they each are involved, and what you can expect from their talk at the event.

Why Lee Coates decided to create the Vegan Lifestyle Speaking Tour
Most people I speak to have no idea that their money in Bank accounts and Superfunds is financing animal exploitation. I wanted a forum where I could speak directly to people, to explain the way the money system works, as a way of trying to get things to change. I don’t believe most people want their money to exploit animals but unless they are aware of what is going on and, importantly, take action to stop it, then a vegan lifestyle isn’t really vegan. 

Why did you get involved with the speaking tour?

To help educate and inspire other vegan business owners, so that they can succeed and live the life they dream by choosing the path that’s truly right for them.
- Billy Simmonds, PranaON

Farm Animal Rescue works to help the vegan community understand the technical elements of animal agriculture that lead to so much pain and suffering. We work to educate the community to provide informed and accurate answers to questions about the animal agriculture industry. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of the speaking tour as it gives us an opportunity to further that education.
- Brad King, Farm Animal Rescue

I got involved in this because I think it is important to show that is not hard to make a difference. Is all about the small details. Whatever your profession, you can always choose a more ethical way to do things.
- Alejandro Cancino, Urbane Restaurant

I believe in people, that they’re truly kind and don’t wish to cause harm to farmed animals. By speaking and spreading awareness of how farmed animals are treated and telling their stories, I know people will be touched, I trust they will be inspired and that they will make kinder choices in life that align with their ethics.
- Pam Ahern, Edgar’s Mission

The Vegan Lifestyle Speaking Tour provides a great opportunity to share the Pana Chocolate story and speak with like-minded individuals to answer questions about the growth of the business, while maintaining our ethical and sustainable focus.
- Pana Barbounis, Pana Chocolate

It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak to people about what motivated me to establish a sanctuary for some of the world’s most abused animals – poultry. I find that by sharing my personal journey and experiences I can encourage and motivate people to make changes to their lifestyle and help grow the movement.
- Bede Carmody, A Poultry Place

I got involved with the speaking tour because it’s a fantastic opportunity to spread the vegan message and let people know that we truly are a diverse bunch of fabulous folks!
- Katrina Fox, Vegan Business Media

What can people expect from your talk at the event?

Well it won’t be a boring talk about money I can assure you. It will be enlightening and quite challenging. I’d like people to leave with a better understanding of the financial system and a knowledge of how to change things. These people can then spread the word to everyone they know and the ripple effect starts. If we can move hearts and minds to get people to move their money to animal friendly places then we begin to stop the financial system exploiting animals.
- Lee Coates, Cruelty Free Super

I'll share my experience in conscious capitalism, how an idea has transformed into an international multi-million dollar business that’s ethically driven, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and an employer of choice. Plus my insights into the importance of building the right team for growth, and making vegan products and services succeed in the mainstream market.
- Billy Simmonds, PranaON

In my short presentation I will provide answers to some of the most common questions asked of vegans (other than the protein one) - such as why aren't backyard eggs okay and others. We will also take the opportunity to show a short video about our organisation.
- Brad King, Farm Animal Rescue

People attending will hear my own experiences in this tough industry, how to make changes to minimise animal product usage, and still be a successful restaurant in a city that loves meat. As a Chef and restaurant owner I will give details about how I veganised the menu, and why my customers are still loving the meals and the restaurant.
- Alejandro Cancino, Urbane Restaurant

The best ambassadors for changing the way people think about farmed animals are the animals themselves, that’s why my talk will be about my experiences with animals and the journey they have taken me on in my life. I’ll share stories that prove, without a doubt, that farmed animals are thinking and highly emotional creatures, and that our treatment of them is wholly unjust.
- Pam Ahern, Edgar’s Mission

Hear how Pana Chocolate has been able to create a chocolate for everyone, irrespective of dietary requirements, and how the brand has expanded into new territories and received exciting new opportunities, allowing Pana Chocolate to be consumed in 25 countries!  
- Pana Barbounis, Pana Chocolate

People will hear the motivation behind establishing A Poultry Place as well as a few insights into what it is like running one of Australia’s longest-running sanctuaries dedicated to animals most refer to as farm animals – which is the food they eat. While many have sympathy animals labelled as “pets” or “wildlife” and claim to be “animal lovers” few give much consideration to animals they are happy to eat.
- Bede Carmody, A Poultry Place

I’ll be sharing insights about the recent massive shift in perspective regarding veganism in the media, how we can continue to take advantage of this and why it’s important for vegans to run businesses as a form of activism.
- Katrina Fox, Vegan Business Media 


I do hope to see you there!


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