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Back in September, I was part of the UQ Veg Society's panel (with an awesome title!) - Animal Rights and Human Responsibility.

Joining me on the panel were Zade Watson from Animal Justice Party, James Aspey, Claire Fryer from PETA Australia, and Trin-la from Langri Tangpa Centre. Hosted by the Treasurer of the Veg Society, Lindon Cox.

UQ Veg Soc panel 

Watch the Video:


(sound gets better around 15 mins)

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Some Photos:

LC speaking at UQ Veg Society pic by Jordan Condon 

talking LC at UQ Veg Society pic by Jordan Condon

LC at UQ Veg Society pic by Jordan Condon

UQ Veg Society speakers pic by Jordan Condon

Speakers Soc at UQ Veg Society pic by Jordan Condon

Thanks to Jordan Condon from UQ Union for these great photos - More Photos Here.

VIEW other photos from the day on my VLV! Instagram & LC Instagram.

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