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My friend, author, and all-round and inspiring vegan, Kathy Divine has recently released the first of hopefully many magazines - Australian Vegans Journal:

AU Vegans Journal

VIEW for free online or Purchase here

I was one of the many contributors to the magazine, there's a great amount of content covered including:

AU Vegans contents

Kathy shared part of my contribution awhile back when editing:

LC by Kathy Divine

I contributed an article on Becoming Vegan & Creating Your Vegan Tribe:

Australian Vegans Journal No 1 Australian Vegans Journal page2 No 1

Here's a photo of Billy Simmonds and the gals who contributed to the magazine - at the Sydney Cruelty Free Super Vegan Lifestyle Speaking Tour in May.

Vegan gals Billy Simmonds

L-R: Kathy, LC, Katrina Fox, and Clare Mann (+ Billy)

Please support this magazine as best you can.

REMEMBER you can VIEW for free online or Purchase here


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