Viva La Vegan!

On Saturday I attended a bloggers event for the launch of the vegan lovers pizza AND vegan cheese options at Pizza Capers restaurants - launched today in all stores!

LC with new Pizza Capers pizza

Here's a photo of me & the NEW Sweet Potato Vegan Lovers pizza.

Features: sweet potato, button mushrooms, crushed garlic, pizza sauce, vegan cheese (BioCheese), garnished with rosemary, salt flakes, and sweet chilli sauce. This was the pizza we were all there for! You know you can order this tonight, don't you?!

NEW vegan pizza PCapers

Here's a close up:

Sw Potato Vegan Pizza Capers CU

There were also two other pizza toppings to try, made with vegan cheese on the day. All of the pizza on the menu can now have vegan cheese added if requested.

Here's the Euro with vegan cheese:

The Euro Pizza Capers

And the Vegetarian (with vegan cheese):

The Vegetarian Pizza Capers

There's also vegan calzone:

Vegan Calzone Pizza Capers

Here's a cute pic of Josh and me to finish off this post:

LC Josh at Pizza Capers launch


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