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Have you ever asked yourself: What Would You Be Doing if the World Was Already Vegan?

A friend asked me this question after a breakdown when I was on my European Adventures in 2017.

This one question totally blew my mind, and made me reassess my vegan activism and volunteering, which I’d been doing for two decades.

What Would You Be Doing if the World Was Already Vegan

This video shares my story via a four-part process of transformation, which after about a year I’ve been able to process. The Breakdown was the first part, Conversations about Feelings the second, Reflection was the third, and the final part was the Breakthrough, where I learned to prioritise new things, and say no to things I would have automatically said yes to.

The Video:

The book I mentioned: The 5 Choices: the Path to Extraordinary Productivity by time management experts at FranklinCovey. Post on Instagram

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