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Go vegan and you will loose weight. This statement used to be true and simple for the average person but it does not rein true in our current vegan culture. Now we too have to work through the countless packaged foods and vegan take away stores that make weight loss a little harder and weight gain, completely possible.


When you first decide to go vegan I often encourage people to match their extract diet to a vegan alternative. If you had porridge with milk for breakfast you just substitute in the milk. If you had chilli con carne for dinner you have some mock mince or chilli con beans for dinner. This serves the purpose of you satisfying your emotional attachment to foods and your physical. By roughly matching the macronutrient content of the foods you slowly start to teach the body where it is now getting its nutrition from. Again, instead of gaining protein from the mince in chilli con carne it is now getting it from the beans.

Eventually you must slowly wean yourself off of these ‘mock’ products for a successful healthy vegan diet. It does not mean that for special occasions you cannot treat yourself but they are certainly not necessary nor a staple of a healthy vegan diet. Slowly you are aiming to replace these foods with a wholefood counterpart. The example of the chilli con carne with replaced mock mince can now go one  step further to have a base of legumes instead. Instead of ice-cream you can make nice-cream with bananas. By switching these foods over you are supercharging your nutrition and dropping out the high levels of salt, fat and refined sugars that are associated with packaged foods.

It is also important to note that as you step into a plant based diet and away from packaged foods you are able to consume more calories. The rules of nutrition are a little different when you start dropping your overt fat and protein levels and you can get away with a higher calorie intake. This work has been observed by many of the vegan doctors in America and I strongly recommend educating yourself on the works of T Colin Campbell and John McDougall.

A vegan diet can be fantastic for weightloss if you follow these two simple guidelines. If you reduce your intake of refined and processed foods and increase the amount of wholefood plant based nutrition, weightloss will come easily for you.

about_holly_photo-254x300Holly George is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath in Brisbane, Australia. Specialising in Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw food diets, Holly draws upon 15 years personal experience in the field of natural therapies. Combining her extensive experience, passion for health and high level qualification, you are in good hands.

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