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Rob made the commitment to get in shape. He even signed up for weight loss, fitness, mindset and nutritional coaching. Seems like he has it all covered, right? So now what? Get results, that’s what! But how? Does he just show up, lift some weights, spend an hour on the treadmill and call it good? NOT! There are additional, effective ways to boost results in the gym (including home gym). In fact, as Rob discovers, there are 3 in particular that will make all the difference.

He had his plan, knew what workout to do, how to do it and he had the nutritional information and guidelines to lead him to success. He had the support, the accountability, the community and the experts to guide him. So what else did he need to boost results in the gym?



This is a BIG action step that many over look. Rob had all the info, all the tools but he was disorganized and ill prepared. He was winging it and because of that he was setting himself up for less than optimal results. And that leads many to throw in the towel having never reached their goals.

So to boost results in the gym start by being prepared! That means having the gym bag packed…towel, water, journal, gloves being the necessities. Keep them in the bag and on the ready.

It also means having properly fuelled up before hand. Never leave nutrition to chance. As he discovered all too well, getting caught mid workout on E is not an effective means to the goal. Be prepared!


One of the wonderful elements of the gym is the energy. BUT…it is not a bar or club. It is not the social scene. Boost results in the gym by accepting that. Rob decided that he was there for one authentic purpose…a better body, better health. So, he focused and made it happen.

Hanging out with the buds around the cable rack, sitting on the leg curl machine chatting on the cell phone, hanging out in front of the big screen watching the game will not achieve results.

So focus. There is a goal and a task at hand…a workout. Zero in, focus on form, watch the time and keep rest periods in check. Make it count!


An important way to boost results in the gym is to BRING IT! Limply lifting weights or walking sluggishly on the treadmill and going through the motions mindlessly will not make those goals a reality. Ask Rob. He tried that for a week or two and got nowhere fast.

Rob realized that if results are the goal…if the commitment is authentic, BRING IT is the answer! Push the limits, wisely and with focus as mentioned but push the boundaries. Press past what has already been achieved…for example the 12 reps of bicep curls using a 15#weight performed last week, and stretch into the unknown potential. Try a 20# weight instead and knock out 8 reps! Take 30 second not 2 minute rests between sets. Just don’t go sluggishly and limply into the workout and just get through it. Bust it out. Sweat that butt off. Grunt and groan, grit and grind those teeth if you need to (quietly please….not everyone needs to hear that inner animal) but MAKE IT COUNT! Work out like life depends on it.

Intensity will boost results in the gym and get that desired body sooner rather than later.

And Rob would add this. That pain that is felt in the gym that makes him and others like him want to stop or get wimpy about it….it only last a second. Breath deep and push on for one more rep or two. Here’s the deal…the brain does not know the goals, the plan, the intentions. It does know that the body is beginning to feel pain and as a defense it tells it to stop. BUT, Rob had a plan and he was prepared. He was focused and he knew now that one more rep was exactly what he needed. So learning the difference between that defensive move the brain offers and real pain that is an appropriate cause to stop is important.

When there is a plan, the program, the guidelines, the expert coaching, the tools and the resources, the support and accountability then the elements of Preparation, Focus, Intensity are the next keys to boost results in the gym. Follow Robs lead. Apply them. Make it all count and get that lean, sculpted body and complete optimal health just as he did!

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Carl Mason- Liebenberg is a Wellness and Weight Loss Specialist, Author, Fitness Coach, and a Leader in Creating a Lifestyle of Wellness. His passion is for those who suffer from poor nutrition, related illnesses, addictions and overweight conditions; with a specific focus on women. He has recently launched the Ultimate 30 Day Body Reset to help you to obtain authentic wellness.


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