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248044_565617653460091_1070115308_nOne must wonder how so many people can dump kittens, puppies; torture and hurt animals with minimal to no recourse for their actions. Whilst the laws may seem just the reality is that they are very far from being just. When an animal is abused, abandoned or mis-treated it is hurting a living creature, an existing life force, that in some respects is far more superior than humans because an animal's sense of purpose has no need for unnecessary violence or harm.

This need to be malicious and controlling t0 an animal is reflective of the person's mental state and these actions are no better than rape and murder because karmically this is represented in the same way and given the pure intent of the animal, it will create the karmic ripple that can last more than a life time. 

READ this article translated into Chinese for VegTomato magazine. Also Simple Chinese.

Some do not think much of karma. The 'what goes around comes around' and that it is no big deal. Perhaps if that person does not harm another, then yes,  karma will be mild. However, where there is significant harm (mind, body and spirit) done to a life force, to bring this back in balance means that worse must be done to once again have harmony. Hence, the "what you send out comes back by three" and for those of extreme viciousness it is by ten. This is called the rule of nature and it is very much alive and has been proven many times.

When it comes to animals whilst the justice to those that believe in their deranged minds they have the right to hurt any living creature or being, karmic balance may not be witnessed in this life time but that does not mean that the equilibrium is not regained. Often it is much, much worse.

With this said, because there is so much disrespect and harm done to animals, this karmic balance and synery is happening right now and karma is bluntly "pissed off" - big time! Think of the worst revenge and then times this by ten. That is the wrath which makes so called justice as insignificant in its pretense to do right where there was a wrong. It is like upsetting mother nature with the power of the universe behind her. 

Think twice before kicking the dog, dumping a kitten or otherwise. Karma is paying attention when no one else is watching and karma does not miss a single thing. Respect all living creatures and life forces. 

READ this article translated into Chinese for VegTomato magazine. Also Simple Chinese.

Hally_Rhiannon-NammuHally Rhiannon-Nammu is a renowned Behavioural Change Expert and Spiritual Guru. Her work spreads across the globe from helping people overcome trauma from past lives, healing animals through vibrational medicine, banishing demon possessions to enabling alignment/enlightenment of self through removal of lifelong barriers. An author of seven books, part of four group collaborations, a Masters in Writing and an advocate of fair treatment for all living creatures.

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