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Having a health, weight loss or fitness goal- a desire to transform your body- is common. Knowing how to achieve that goal though, is not as easy as simply choosing a workout plan, a diet or a particular gadget. Success requires more!


When the goal is to transform your body, intention is essential. And intention is only found in bigger picture thinking. In order to achieve the goal, intentional, strategic, methodical steps must be taken...consistently. What exactly is intention and how is it set in place and motion?

Encarta defines INTENTION as: “philosophy involving thoughts, beliefs or desires including those that have no actual existence.” That says that intention requires purpose, strategy, and faith.

A goal to transform your body is not achieved accidentally. It doesn’t occur via magic wand or a twist of fate. It occurs via choice, a decision that is rooted in the philosophy of thoughts and beliefs on the subject and goal. It requires deliberate action, a premeditated and thorough plan with calculated action. It demands a purpose and it demands faith.

Simply said, true health and wellness that transform your body will not be found in a 45 minute a day workout. Don’t misunderstand. That workout is certainly part of the picture…the intention. But the picture is far bigger than that. It is going to take an intentional plan from A-Z...not just in one area. That means knowing the who, what, when, where, why and how. From the mindset about the goal, to overall purpose, to the daily action plan, there has to be a developed philosophy for success. And every day of the journey, that plan has to me met with integrity.

The latest gimmick, gadget, miracle cure, super food, or any other exciting promise is not the answer. Alone they will not transform your body and achieve the goals. That only occurs with INTENTION.

So, don’t just watch an infomercial while eating a pizza, hen feel guilty and decide to get fit. That has failure written all over it. Instead, when the switch flips and that beer belly is no longer acceptable, when the person in the mirror is not the one once looking back, when the activities once enjoyed can no longer be enjoyed, when weakness and sickness prevail and the desire to transform your body finally sets in, then it is time build intention…all the way from why to how; from mind to heart.  Know why the goal is desired, even needed. Calculate the costs and benefits of those goals. Set the expectations. Gain the knowledge, wisdom, understanding and a create an intentional strategy through professional support, experienced mentors, leaders, those who have succeeded. Believe, then choose to take action every day. 

Transform you body with intention and success is assured.

twitter_picCarl Mason- Liebenberg is a Wellness and Weight Loss Specialist, Author, Fitness Coach, and a Leader in Creating a Lifestyle of Wellness. His passion is for those who suffer from poor nutrition, related illnesses, addictions and overweight conditions; with a specific focus on women. He has recently launched the Ultimate 30 Day Body Reset to help you to obtain authentic wellness.


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