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womenThere is an assumption that those that are vegans, health conscious and even those that are spiritual or healers (often closely associated) would be good, honest people with integrity and compassion. A common stereotype based on nothing more than a label. 

However, unfortunately, it is simply the case of hiding behind a label people will still be people and using an "in" label as a form of indentity to assume automatic trust usually causes more harm than good. These are also the ones that given the authentic people that are vegans, healers and other labels of relevant association a bad reputation.

It is very much the "one bad apple spoils the cart" scenario. Fortunately there are enough good people to repair the damage however, that sense of doubt causes a need, like a knee-jerk reaction to over trust on gimmicks or jargon used as opposed to stepping back to identify those that are who they claim to be (and are) verus the bad apples looking to profit at the expense of others. 

No matter what someone eats or how they live, the type of person will become transparent when taking away the facade of labels. A vegan can be an amazing person, not because they are vegan but because they are aligned to their core values and live in synergy with them. This bodes equally with healers and those commonly connected in this area of healthy mind, body and spirit. 

Titles do no make or enable the ability to have respect of all, integrity in what they do and fight with passion for what they believen - the person does. There is an expected stereotype that "these" people dress, talk and live a certain way. This again is an exaggeration of nothing more than a label. The common idea that those that are of the mind, body and spirit industry dress in tie-dye, cheese cloth, shower only occasionally or don't live anywhere nice. None of this is actually true and only highlights the fake from the real. Wearing jeans does not make one less vegan or less connected than if wearing a skirt made of hemp. There is nothing wrong with either however, it is based on the person primarily.

Authentic comes from within not the external label. Refrain from judging and being caught up in an inaccurate and limiting stereotype. But if this can't be avoided then start from judging that which is in the mirror first and notice the label that exists there.

Hally_Rhiannon-NammuHally Rhiannon-Nammu is a renowned Behavioural Change Expert and Spiritual Guru. Her work spreads across the globe from helping people overcome trauma from past lives, healing animals through vibrational medicine, banishing demon possessions to enabling alignment/enlightenment of self through removal of lifelong barriers. An author of seven books, part of four group collaborations, a Masters in Writing and an advocate of fair treatment for all living creatures.

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