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Congratulations on deciding to become a human being. You must be very excited and eager to get started. There are many methods on how to best care for your human state so without further ado, let’s starts exploring.

Firstly, let’s allow the human condition to be broken up into three parts so that the following manual can be viewed from each perspective.

A human being can be identified via its physical body, its emotional body and its spiritual body. Whilst some bodies are more tangible or accepted than others, they do all exist in some form or another.

The physical body is the most obvious part of the human condition. It is the vessel that is gifted to us from our mothers when we start this journey and it is the body that is respectfully released when we end.

The needs of the physical body tend to also be quite obvious to even the amateur owner. A human needs the following basic requirements met to be happy and healthy.

  • Food: The average human can go days without food but prefers to only last a few hours between its meals. The most popular of these styles is to eat 3 main meals per day. Human beings can thrive off a plant based diet and are doing so in increasing numbers as the health benefits are vastly outweighing alternative meal plans. Food for humans can be their medicine or their poison depending on their choices. Never fear though, the game is quite easy, simply choose whole and fresh foods that you can easily identify and you will be on a winning path.
  • Water: The elixir of life that brings energy and clears impurities. Humans require a varying amount of water per day depending on their diet, exercise, climate and general physique.  That said, most humans prefer around 1-2L of fresh, pure water per day.
  • Sleep: With the current trends in society regarding sleep suggesting dangerously low figures it is important to pay extra attention to the beauty of sleep. The adult human requires 7-9 hours sleep per night as an average. This must be uninterrupted and restful. Humans can require extra support when re-learning to sleep as they often feel a great deal of pressure surrounding this. Sleep is necessary for life and longevity so be sure to seek assistance in this area if required.
  • Sunshine: We have all heard that humans require enough sunshine to harvest their Vitamin D. If only it were that simple. In the grand scheme of what science knows about what we gain from the sun, let me tell you, it is a lot more than Vitamin D. On the flipside, we do not want to be burnt from the sun , so the average human will need to build up their tolerance with small doses of pure sunshine daily.
  • Movement: The beautiful human being is designed to move all of its limbs to a brisk intensity daily. It is our survival and we respond very well to this basic training and support. While beings often like to choose their favourite from an elaborate list of options, it is simply important that it is stuck to. If humans neglect this area they loose physical fitness and become slow and unhappy.

The human emotional body is a little more difficult to nourish. As we are not always practised in the language of emotion it can be tricky to correctly identify when we are out of alignment. Below is a guideline as to the basic needs of a human emotional body.

  • Relaxation: The human needs time not just to sleep but to simply rest during waking hours. This is the space that a human requires to assimilate thoughts or prepare for inspiration. It is also helpful to manage energy levels throughout the day.
  • Healthy relationships: This covers all relationships being; community, family, friends and lovers. When a relationship is out of balance, humans are often acutely aware and must take the upmost care to tenderly restore order.
  • Hobbies and play: These are activities that humans enjoy doing to express creativity and the dynamic nature of themselves. They are often lost as the human becomes older and can be found by practising old ideas until the right mix is found.
  • Purpose: The old question, why am I here? What was I put on this planet to do? Humans are settled by the idea of purpose and direction and are stimulated by goals. This is an important role organising the individual path for a human.

The most mysterious human body is the spiritual body. Depending on where a human has originated and which community has helped to raise them will dictate the development of this spiritual connection. This body requires two components.

  • Belief: A belief system for the humans is varied and individual. A belief system adds gravity and understanding to the world around us which allows comfort and security.
  • Daily connection: The more we can connect with our belief systems, the more we can bring balance to our daily lives. This can manifest in prayer, bushwalks or meditation depending on your individual belief system.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of what you require to be a happy healthy human being, it is a great foundation. To get the most out of this manual it is suggested to find an area in which you are drawn to, or feel that you are imbalanced, and start to workshop ideas around this point.

Enjoy the opportunity to fully express your human nature and care for this vessel like it is the most sacred, special and individual body because, it is.

about_holly_photo-254x300Holly George is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath in Brisbane, Australia. Specialising in Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw food diets, Holly draws upon 15 years personal experience in the field of natural therapies. Combining her extensive experience, passion for health and high level qualification, you are in good hands.

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