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There are many different types of love and many claim that romantic love to be the most powerful and intense. However, it tends to be fleeting and infused with the suggestion of lust diluting the essence of true love.

True love by definition is unconditional and completely pure. The connection is balanced without ego or judgment. It is timeless, literally and cannot be surpassed by anything or anyone. This is not romantic, hearts and candy love, this “is” love.


Yet when love is not experienced between the stereotypical man and woman it is deemed less than or inconsequential. Is this from ignorance or simple stupidity?

Love as an energy, is an energy that through the connective alliance in frequency or vibration creates a neurological and then biological response. The purer or more unconditional, the stronger and more intense. Do not mistake this love from lust. Two different types of energy that whilst they work in synergy are not the same nor do they encompass the same vibration.

Love can and generally occurs within seconds because the fact is that connection, in many cases, has previously existed on some level – it is that sensation of knowing someone even though they only met moments before.

But one thing that is all too commonly omitted and disregarded is love of others that are not stereotypical, including but not limited to animals, insects, same sex… The fact is that if it has a life force it has the capacity to love. Love does not require ego to exist, only energy.

So, consider the next time somone weeps for the loss of an animal or what they call their “loved one”. But whatever it is does not make it any less. It is likely that this love is more pure than many others will ever experience. The sad part is having such a fake ideal to love prevents true love from being possible.

It may be nice to consider that there is only one love and that’s it. But thinking logically this goes against energy, connection and the need to exist. There will be many loves and each will be completely unique to that which it is connected.

Diminish this and it is simply highlighting an insufficiency of self love – the ignorance from a low self esteem fueled by jealousy of what they cannot have.

Respect love and then perhaps understaning love will begin to enable the connection.

Hally_Rhiannon-NammuHally Rhiannon-Nammu is a renowned Behavioural Change Expert and Spiritual Guru. Her work spreads across the globe from helping people overcome trauma from past lives, healing animals through vibrational medicine, banishing demon possessions to enabling alignment/enlightenment of self through removal of lifelong barriers. An author of seven books, part of four group collaborations, a Masters in Writing and an advocate of fair treatment for all living creatures.

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