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Fitness goals are often met with the hope of shortcuts and quick fixes. But as most dieters and fitness gadget consumers will attest, quick fixes don’t work…not for the longer haul at least!

It does not matter how effective, eloquent, passionate, exciting, enticing, encouraging the infomercial or the marketing campaigns are…nothing compares to the results achieved when the plan of action is to workout hard, workout smart.

Fitness as a lifestyle goes FAR beyond the physical. It reaches right into the heart and soul of the being! It seizes the very fibre of the person and even forms the cells of the future being.

Fitness is LIFE.

And life should never be met with a shortcut, a quick fix, a wimpy hope or dream. There is one body, one life that should be met with passion, intensity, vision, wisdom, determination, fearlessness, conviction….Life should be lived head on, and full bore, hardcore.

No shortcuts, no excuses!

Workout hard, workout smart, workout with all the qualities noted because quality of LIFE depends on it. Whether that is easy to accept or not in the beginning, the truth is that the quality of life is dependent on the quality of this choice.

But wait…being a bit pudgy is not so bad, right? Having a few aches and pains…who doesn’t? Not being as agile as at 20...join the club. So many others are far worse off, right? So it really isn’t that bad. Why then bother with a workout every day much less to workout hard, workout smart? Why not just a simple, glancing blow once in a while? Surely that is enough?

In the standards of mass society, that may be doing okay. The belly my not hang all the way over the belt and a quick jaunt around the block may not result in the gasping for air like a beached fish, but is that the goal?  Or is it the best body for the best life?

The body was not designed for this modern way of sedentary life. And that reality affects far more than just the physique. Think about it this way. Just as a career is not built on shortcuts, those houses and cars weren’t bought and maintained on cheap, half efforts, neither is the body and the person that lives inside of it.

Get OVER all these quick fixes.

Workout Hard, Workout Smart

The body was made to move. And the heart, the soul, the spirit of life revels in activity. It rejoices and thrives in the face of physical challenge just as well the physical body does. So stop looking for the easy way out. Workout hard, workout smart and be transformed.


It is time for the real deal and real people who want the real deal…an authentic life!

Don’t fall prey to the slow fade of belief in shortcuts, fast track solutions, and slick marketing campaigns that proclaim to have easy answers. They don’t. That’s why so many are falling short of their goals, still just hoping and dreaming. It is never going to work…not for life…authentic LIFE!

Every person breathing, every life is worth it….every mind, body and spirit…through and through, inside and out. So get in there and workout hard, workout smart and feel the LIFE that is meant to surge through every vein.

Sure it’s gonna hurt. That well trained, lazy body will kick and scream and throw an all out temper tantrum. So what. Do it anyway. 

Guess what? One day, in the not too distant future the sun will rise on a day when this will become an essential for the day. Miss that workout and the body throws a fit for a new reason. Why, because it is life; it is how the body is designed to live and whether the mind has settled the issue the body knows it very well and is waiting…maybe with decreasing patience.

Gyms and workout plans weren’t always part of life. But modern ways have removed the vast majority of physical activity. Still, there are new ways and means to overcome the present lack. Embrace fitness with passion and purpose for more than just a beautiful physique. Workout hard, workout smart because it is nature’s way and therefore quality of life depends on it.

It truly does!

Today is a new day and there is a choice to be made. Will it be for a quick fix or will it be for some hard and smart work that will deliver true life and wellness body, mind and spirit?

Workout Hard, Workout Smart

CarlCarl Mason-Liebenberg,, is a Wellness and Weight Loss Specialist, Author, Fitness Coach, and a Leader in Creating a Lifestyle of Wellness. His passion is for those who suffer from poor nutrition, related illnesses, addictions and overweight conditions. He has recently launched a 90 day online program, 360XBT to help you reach your weight loss, fitness and health goals  with authentic tools and visionary coaching. 

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