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With limited outdoor space, many abandon the hope of ever being able to grow their own fruit. However, what they don’t realise is that they have the perfect space right in front of their eyes—they just haven’t realised it yet!

Conservatories, sunrooms and porches can be real suntraps in the summer, making them the ideal place to grow tasty fruit without the great outdoors. Read on to find out what vegan fruit cocktails you could be munching on this year…


Sweet, juicy apricots are a refreshing fruit that can easily be grown in a warm conservatory. They are used in a number of delicious recipes, from tasty tarts to delicious muesli toppers.

Apricot trees can grow to be very large, so opting for a dwarf tree can help to keep the plant manageable. Companies like You Garden stock potted dwarf apricot trees in their selection of various fruit trees.

Some apricot trees require cross-pollination, which usually involves transferring the pollen from one flower to another by hand. However, if you are looking for a tree that requires minimal effort, there are self-pollinating varieties available.



Whether you turn them into jam or simply enjoy them with cream, strawberries are another easy-to-grow fruit — all you’ll need is a sunny area.

While many may think that strawberries can only be grown outdoors, they can thrive in an indoor environment, often ripening up to a month earlier than usual. In order for this to happen, it is vital that you store the plants in a cool environment during autumn and winter, before moving the plant to a temperature of no more than 16C in February.


They’re not to everyone’s taste, but figs are a great source of nutrients, especially fibre. Forget paying over the odds at the supermarket and grow your own instead!

Fig trees make excellent houseplants but, like most fruit trees, fig plants can grow to quite a size. Keeping your plant at 13–18C can help you keep its size manageable. Avoid keeping your plant in direct sunlight: choose a well-lit area instead.

Once you’ve successfully grown your fruit, you can rustle up some tasty vegan meals in no time. Looking for some inspiration? Check out the BBC Good Food guide for some delicious and simple recipes.


You Garden offer a wide selection of flowers, bulbs and fruit and vegetables. The team is made up of expert gardeners whom provide green gardening tips for all those keen green fingers.

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