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It's that time of year again. I've noticed various stores playing painful Christmas carols since November, people are putting in their present requests and everyone is talking about what they'll be doing. As all vegans know, it's an incredibly heart-wrenching time of year. People carry on and on about peace, love, compassion and good will, all the while expecting others to work through the holiday season, buying stuff they/others don't really need, buying puppies and kittens, plus all that gorging on our animal friends' flesh and secretions. Urgh...  


I just thought I'd share some links, which I hope might get you through this seriously silly season.

Read these Articles:

Cruelty Free Vegan Christmas Recipes & How to Survive Christmas as a Vegan including what to do and not do.

Other great articles by some of the VLV! writers:


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Watch my A Christmas Wishlist spoken word poem:

One day I'll put a melody and some music to this...
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Good luck to us all.


See you in the new year!

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