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The most popular Video on the VLV! YouTube channel for 2014 was with my good friend Brian Manowitz: my interview with Vegan Black Metal Chef


Here's the list of your favourite Videos from VLV! in 2014 - our Top 10:

  1. Leigh-Chantelle interviews Vegan Black Metal Chef - Brian Manowitz
  2. There's a Vegan in the Kitchen... the NEW Book by Leigh-Chantelle from Viva la Vegan!
  3. Viva la Vegan! Q&A series: What's the Best Source of Iron?
  4. Leigh-Chantelle's Vlog for January & February 2014
  5. Viva la Vegan! Q&A series: What's the Best Source of Calcium?
  6. Viva la Vegan! Q&A series:‬ Why Have I Gained and Not Lost Weight on a Vegan Diet?
  7. Viva la Vegan! Q&A series: What Can Vegans Eat?
  8. Leigh-Chantelle's Vlog - April Happenings
  9. Viva la Vegan! Q&A series:‬ Do You Think Naked & Stunt-Like Activism is Effective?
  10. Viva la Vegan! Q&A series: How can you disagree or debate with someone with not arguing?

Also see the Top 10 Videos of all time from our YouTube channel.

Here's the FULL list of all the Videos published in 2014:

Interviews & Podcasts:

The VLV! Q&A series:

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