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It's that time of year again, with many vegan events to go to throughout Australia (especially the East Coast) celebrating World Vegan Day on the 1st November. Here's a new collage I created:


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I'll be attending all these events - mostly to run the Cruelty Free Super stalls in Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. Make sure you come by to say hi and find out more about Australia's only 100% animal-friendly, vegan superannuation fund.

Canberra - Living Green Festival


The Living Green Fesival is the first vegan event in Australia at this time of year, taking place on Sunday 4 October at Albert Hall in Canberra (Australia's capital city). This year they are celebrating their 5th anniversary!

See the list of Stalls, Speakers & Demos, and more. Come say hi to me at the Cruelty Free Super stall!

Here's the speakers photo (click on the pic to share on FaceBook)


I'll be speaking on Diet, Ethics and Veganism at 2pm - hope to see you then. Here's my info from the website:


 Sydney - Cruelty Free Festival


This is the 10th anniversary for Australia's longest-running vegan event, The Cruelty Free Festival, taking place at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney on Sunday 25 October.

See the list of Stalls,Performers, Speakers & Demos, and more.

I'm be speaking on Veganism & Ethics Beyond the Plate at 4:30pm - hope to see you there!

Here's my speaker's pic:


Here's my info from the website:


IVU World VegFest (Sydney & Melbourne)


The International Vegetarian Union (IVU) are having their 43rd World VegFest events in Australia this year coinciding with the Sydney Cruelty Free Festival (see above) and the Melbourne World Vegan Day (see below) and various other events in both cities.

See here and here for the Sydney itinerary. The Melbourne info will be added to the FaceBook event page soon.

Melbourne - World Vegan Day


World Vegan Day in Melbourne will be held on the actual World Vegan Day (Sunday) 1 November at the Melbourne Showgrounds. This is Australia's biggest vegan event.

See the list of Stalls, Speakers, Demos, and more. Not sure if I'm speaking here yet, but will be around, so say hi!

Adelaide - Vegan Festival


The Adelaide Vegan Festival will take place on Saturday 7 November at Victoria Square.

See the list of Stalls, Speakers & Demos, and more. Not sure if I'm speaking here yet, but say hi to me at the Cruelty Free Super stall!

Perth - Cruelty Free Fair


This is the first time Animal Liberation WA have organised the new Perth Cruelty Free Fair (not to be confused with the no longer running Perth Cruelty Free Festival organised by Animal Rights Advocates) taking place at Pioneer Park on Sunday 15 November.

See their FaceBook event page for more info.

I'll be speaking in the afternoon on Veganism is More than Just Food. Also come say hi to me at the Cruelty Free Super stall!


I haven't attended any of these event for the past few years, so I'm looking forward to seeing my interstate friends - make sure you come say hi!


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