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Last month when I was house sitting at Broadbeach Waters at the Gold Coast, I did a couple of FaceBook Live Stream interviews with local vegan veteran, Harry Bolman. See Episode 6 & Episode 10.

I then returned the favour, and interviewed Harry for part of my own Interviews with Inspiring Vegans interview series.

Interview with Harry Bolman

Harry and I talk about how many great vegan options there are at the Gold Coast, why Harry went vegan over 36 years ago, healing his skin with a vegan diet, why honey is NOT vegan, and how images and videos shared online can be shown to many people to enact change. Plus we talk about his FaceBook live stream: The Vegan Hour, and his Vegan Life Meetup group.

Watch the Video:

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I also love this image of Harry and I having a great laugh:

LC Harry






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