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Tuesday night I was interviewed (again) on FaceBook live stream for The Vegan Hour with Harry Bolman. We talked about Mock Meats, Vegan Businesses, Relationships (boundaries, values and dating non-vegans), plus my upcoming events in September - November!

The Vegan Hour

Watch on FaceBook:

Watch on YouTube:

Here's some of the links for the topics discussed:

Mock Meats panel for Vegan Business Network: including my positives & negatives of using Mock Meats as a vegan. See the video text for the environmental impacts of mock meat production.

My Diet Ethics & Veganism at Brisbane Vegan Festival talk + Other panels, talks & seminars

Vegan Businesses etc mentioned: Vegan Business Media & Vegan Ventures book, Vegan Business Network, the Cruelty Free Shop, Bed & Broccoli, Prana ON and PuraVeda.

Google Trends =vegan - Hannah mentioned Tasmania, it’s the No1 (in Australia) for vegan News searches and No2 (in Australia) for vegan YouTube searches. (see the drop down menu on the right to change the search terms)

Vegan Hour Leigh Chantelle July 19th Promo

Other Links:
My Consistency & Commitment in Business and Beyond talk
What’s wrong with dairy and eggs? See Eggs Exposed for more info on the Aussie Farms & Animal Liberation investigation + Activists shutting down egg processing facility
Vegans Dating, Dating Vegans podcast for VeganRadio
Govinda’s Surfers Paradise No1 Buffet at the Gold Coast

Food once again made by Lyuba:

LC with food Vegan Hour

Thanks for everyone who watched!






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