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Tuesday night I joined The Vegan Hour FaceBook live stream with Harry Bolman from Gold Coast group Vegan Life. We spoke about my books, why I went vegetarian, then vegan 20 years ago, the limitations of going vegan for your health, and we answered a heap of live questions. There's 500+ views already on FaceBook!

Leigh-Chantelle on the Vegan Hour

Watch on FaceBook:

Watch on YouTube:

More links and info on what I mentioned:

My not-for-profit Green Earth Group - FREE eBook covering the history of GEG and the two all-vegan, environmental festivals (first for Brisbane) held in 2010 and 2011.

Places who helped me learn more about veganism: Vegan Society NSW, Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland, Animal Liberation Queensland

Documentaries I suggest: Earthlings, Lucent, Forks over Knives, Vegucated, Blackfish, Cowspiracy, and Making the Connection (Harry also mentioned Home, Earth, and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead)

Recommended Reading Book List and a few authors who write about Animals & Activism - Peter Singer, Gary Francione, Mark Hawthorne, Erik Marcus, Jonathan Safron Foer, Nick Cooney, John Robbins, Melanie Joy, Matt Ball, Will Potter, Keith Mann etc. Nutrition: anything from Virginia Messina, The Vegan RD, Jack Norris, RD, and Michael Greger of Nutrition Facts, and in Brisbane see Amanda Benham.
LC Vegan Hour Promo V2

Also check out:
Vegans in Toowoomba
In Defense of Animals & Billy Simmonds
Cruelty Free Super (Australia's ONLY 100% VEGAN superannuation)
Vegan Business Network (Gold Coast)
Vegan Business Media (Sydney events) + Vegan Ventures book
Upcoming Event on Tuesday 12 July Panel Discussion on Mock Meats
See my Diet, Ethics & Veganism at Brisbane Vegan Festival video for all about the ethics beyond what you do or don't eat.
Here's a photo of Harry and I with food made by Lyuba:
Harry LC w food by Lyuba
Thanks for all who were part of the live stream - I'll be back next month on the 19th!





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