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On Saturday in the back room of Brisbane's Loving Hut restaurant, Jeremy Staples held a Zine workshop for my volunteer-run, not for profit, environmental awareness, Green Earth Group. Here's a selection of some of Jeremy's own zines from his personal library:


We also had a table of zines for sale and Green Earth Group merchandise:


Here's the participants:


Jeremy with his Zine compilation book, Bizoo. Check out the website HERE


I took the opportunity to create my latest leaflet/handout, this time all about zines obviously! Here's the back and front cover:


and the inside of the handout:


You can click on each image to download the leaflets or via FaceBook. Zines are a great DIY and cheap way to get the Vegan, Animal Rights and Environmental message out in a unique way. See the leaflet for more information and other websites.

For more on Jeremy, see his websites: The Staples, Beared Hobo, Faces of Nippon, Bizoo.

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