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Vida Vegan Con took place in Portland, Oregon on Friday 24 - Sunday 26 May. Once again it was a great event and a great opportunity to see other vegan (bloggers) from around the world.

Ethics_talk_fromatovegan.comPhoto by

I gave three talks on the Saturday and here are the videos:

Ethics Beyond the Plate:
There's more to veganism than whether our food contains animal products. Is avoiding them enough to satisfy our ethics? What of the intersections with environmental, labor, and human rights concerns? Or the animals - human and otherwise - exploited indirectly almost every time we spend money on something? And as the mainstream takes more notice of veganism, are we at risk of losing the ethical core of the movement?
Joinining me on the panel: Laura Beck from Vegansaurus, Writer Jamie J. Hagen, Erika Larson from The San Francisco Comical, John McDevitt from The Laziest Vegans (all in the above photo) and moderated by Jason Das from Super Vegan.
Vegan Invasion: Community Building

How to grow and maintain an active vegan community—whether you're in a vegantropolis or in vegan nowhere, it can be done! We'll discuss ideas for expansion, thoughts on inclusion, and share successes and failures.

Joinining me on the panel: Laura Beck from Vegansaurus, Writer Maeve Connor and Jason Das from Super Vegan.
Community_Building_talkPhoto by Bianca from Vegan Crunk
International Activism:

A discussion of the diversity of the vegan movement and message around the world. Topics will include: engaging in activism while traveling, issues unique to specific regions/cultures/governments, the bond and division caused by identifying as vegan, and supporting activism abroad (online campaigns, fundraisers, advice) while sitting on your couch.

Joining me were my good friend Ryan Patey from T.O.F.U. Magazine, Lisa Pittman from Vegan Culinary Crusade and moderated by Helen Pitlick from Vegtastic.
Laziest_Vegans_picPhoto by John from The Laziest Vegans

Here's some photos from the event:

VVC13_toiletries_bagVVC13 toiletries bag VVC13_goody_bagVVC13 goodie bag

LC_Colleen__BrittynLeigh-Chantelle, Colleen & Brittyn at the Gala

LC__CarrieLC & Carrie from Carrie on Vegan

LC__DemetriusLC & Demetrius from Vegucated

LC__Grant_ButlerPhoto of LC & Grant Butler by Dan from The Gay Vegans

LC__RyanLC & Ryan from TOFU Magazine

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