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In late July and early August this year, my friend Will Potter - from website Green is the New Red and author of the book with the same name - will be in Australia and New Zealand for a speaking tour.


Will is discussing how corporations are working across borders to criminalize animal rights and environmental activists as terrorists.

He starts off at the New Zealand Animal Rights Conference, and then over to Australia.


Wellington, New Zealand July 26 and 27
Christchurch, New Zealand July 30
Queens College - Details to be announced soon
Melbourne, Australia August 1
7pm @ 288 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3065 - RSVP on Facebook 
Hobart, Tasmania August 4
5pm @ Battery Point Community Hall, 52 Hampden Rd, Battery Point - RSVP on Facebook
Sydney, Australia August 5
7pm @ Glebe Town Hall, 160 St Johns Rd, Glebe - $5 donation to benefit the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


Here's some questions Will answered for me:

Why Australia and NZ?
I've been in touch with some great activists in New Zealand and Australia over the years, and have been wanting to do a tour for quite some time. With the incredible forest defense work going on, repressive legislation against activists being introduced, and of course the wonderful work of Sea Shepherd, there has been an increased attention on activism - and the backlash against it.
What do you want to achieve with the tour?
Corporations aren't bound to any one country. They move across borders in pursuit of profit, and they export repressive tactics with them. In my research I've found nearly identical tactics appearing in the U.S., Canada, throughout Europe, and in Australia and New Zealand as well. By identifying these corporate tactics, and studying how they've been effective (and how they've failed) we can more effectively resist them.
What are the similarities between Australia & the United States of America in regards to corporations, activism and the "terrorist" label?
The rhetoric of terrorism is appearing everywhere to demonize effective political activism. But there are many positive similarities as well. For instance, many activists in the U.S. studied the open rescue tactics of Patty Mark. That was critical in the development of investigative techniques in the United States. Similarly, I see parallels between the forest defense work in Oregon and Washington, and the forest defense work in Tasmania (which recently won a major victory!). We can learn from these common tactics of repression, but we should also draw inspiration from the incredible organizing taking place globally, and use it to improve and expand our own efforts.


I will unfortunately be out of the country when Will is in Australia, so please spread the word and show him some love when he's in your area.

Watch this video about Will's book by Gather Films to get inspired:

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