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I'm sure you've previously seen (here, here, here and here) how much I adore the Vegan Easy Challenge from Animal Liberation Victoria - and their vegan outreach booklet. Well, there's a new booklet at the printers - soon to be everywhere. Once again Viva la Vegan! is a proud sponsor.

Here's the cover:


See the booklet online (PDF)

There's a few changes to the old Be Vegan booklet, including Plant Food Group information from Amanda Benham, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist who runs Human Herbivore.



Plus some new Vegan People in the photo section:



See my Athlete Interview with Billy as well as our Video Interview



See my Athlete Interview with Fawn.

There's also a few new sponsors, including Viva la Vegan! & my not-for-profit environmental awareness Green Earth Group.

If you're in Brisbane and would like to join Green Earth Group for leafletting on Wednesday 25 September or Wednesday 27 November see here for more details.

See my Blog about Tips for Food Outreach.


Please encourage your non-veg friends and family to join the Vegan Easy Challenge.

If you would like some of the booklets and you live in Brisbane, Australia contact me (October+) If you live anywhere else, contact ALV.

Make sure you share the online booklet (PDF)

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