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My friend, Rocky Shepheard wrote and illustrated a children's book called A Dog Named Worthless: A Hero Is Born


here's my feedback:

Leigh-Chantelle - Australian Vegan Activist/Singer Songwriter:

"Worthless the Dog is much more than his namesake. His friends Sly the fox and Otto the sea otter unite to free him from his unbearable life chained to a rickety wooden box, all Worthless has known as a home.

Beautifully illustrated by Rocky Shepheard and written in the first person from Worthless’ point of view, A New Name for Worthless: A Hero is Born is a wonderful story of courage, friendship and bravery.

Families can read this wonderful book together and learn lessons in patience, humility, forgiveness and respect, all taught by Worthless the dog.  

This is a great resource book for Humane Education released by the not for profit organisation Dogs Deserve Better who believe in respecting, freeing and enhancing the freedom of all chained animals."

 –  Leigh-Chantelle

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