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I recently shared my success with two book trailers for my books What Do Vegans Eat? and My USA Adventures in the latest Authorpreneur Magazine (#2):


Read the Magazine online. Here's what I said:


What Do Vegans Eat? book started out as a scrapbook-style presentation for a Brisbane vegan group. I wanted my presentation to be fun and visually appealing, yet still have the important educational aspects of a vegan health talk. I combined my love for fun, easy to comprehend education, with food and animal photographs and myself posing to create what I hope is an inspiring look at how easy being a vegan is nowadays.

The video idea for What Do Vegans Eat? and My USA Adventures was simply like my other videos: DIY, friendly and colourful, with basic information.

My USA Adventures is a book based on my travel adventures to 14 out of 50 states in the United States of America. Throughout June and July in 2010, and July and August in 2011, I take readers along on my travels with journal entry-style narration of my adventures.

My video book trailers have worked well for sales and I would suggest everyone include a video for promotional purposes.

Read the original link.

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