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The NEW inaugural Sydney Vegan Festival is on Saturday 29 March at The Factory Theatre, Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia. Featuring well-known vegan chefs from around the world, the festival will also host various speakers, live music, plus food and markets throughout the day.

One of the organisers, Tiffany took some time out to answer a few questions a month out from the event.


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Why did you decide to create the Sydney Vegan Festival?
We were looking to diversify from our core business of touring bands to something different, outside of music. Sydney Vegan Festival grew from originally only touring Vegan Black Metal Chef to the other big names - Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero - being available and really into the idea as well! It was really quite serendipitous that all three were willing to coming to Australia and take a chance on a new concept.

Why and how long have you (both) been vegan?
I am a long-time vegetarian who only became vegan in the last year or so - it was through a Jivamukti yoga practice as well as friends' influence that convinced me to make the switch.

How long did the event take from your idea to delivery?
Around six months - from initially confirming the international acts, finding a venue, booking all the local speakers, finding food and market stalls and now down to the nitty gritty of actually delivering the festival and sideshows! The festival was constantly evolving with new concepts being implemented.


What other vegan people helped you with the event?
We've gotten some great advice from various vegan people within the music industry - such as Chris Moses, owner of Revolution Foods who is also a music promoter - and also just relied on the power of word-of-mouth within the vegan community. Bloggers such as yourself have also really made the difference in promoting the festival!

There’s some well-known American people involved with this event, how hard was that to coordinate?
Our experience in touring bands really came in handy here and our existing relationships with agents helped.

What do you hope to achieve with the event?
We really wanted to offer a different kind of experience for what is a ever growing lifestyle choice - and hopefully show a few people along the way that veganism isn't just hemp clothes and lentils. The vegan demographic is changing so much and we wanted a festival which reflected the taste and style of a younger crowd.

What has the response been like so far?
The response has been great! So many people - vegans and non-vegan (especially foodies) - are excited about Sydney having a new festival.

What are your future plans?
Sydney Vegan Festival will be back next year! We are already starting to get ideas of other big names we can bring in to speak and perform as well as ways we can improve for next time around.

We have also launched new touring and events company called Hale and Shine which we want to expand - Sydney Vegan Festival is our first event under the brand. We are looking to bringing out inspirational, informative and entertaining speakers so keep an eye out for more events soon!

Tiffany and Andrew are organisers of the first Sydney Vegan Festival and are behind the new touring and events company, Hale and Shine (launching early March). They have collectively an eclectic experience in music, event management, marketing, media and PR.


Live cooking demos from:
Isa Chandra Moskowitz (Post Punk Kitchen)
Terry Hope Romero (Vegan Eats World, Post Punk Kitchen)
Vegan Black Metal Chef
Maz (Sadhana Kitchen)

Megan Young (Veggies and Me)
Kathy Divine (Plant Powered Men)
Andre Sickinger (Surfers' Chef)
Ruby Hamad (Vegan Feminist, Writer)
Fiona Halar (Nutrionist) - and one of the VLV! regular authors
Karo Tak (Activist)

Live music:
Chance Waters
Brenden Maclean
Caitlin Harnett
Kym Staton

There will also be two Cooking Demonstration shows with Music in Brisbane and Melbourne:
26 March 7:30pm The Corner Hotel, Melbourne - Buy Tickets
30 March 4pm Crowbar, Brisbane - Buy Tickets
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