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Rhonda and Mark live in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. They have been Vegetarian for about 10 years and vegan for about 4 years. They have (at the moment) 4 lovely rescue dogs. They endeavour to highlight the benefits of the Vegan lifestyle for the animals, for the people and for the planet. They created a veg group for blood donating, Red Veg and answered a few of my questions.


Why did you decide to create the Red Veg website?
As blood donors, we thought we'd take advantage of the Red Cross Club Red service for blood donating communities. When we were searching for a veg*n group that we could register with there weren't any at that time. So we thought we would start our own, Red Veg. By registering with a Club Red group donors can make their donations count even more. In the case of veg*ns, the Club Red facility allows anyone who is interested to be able to see the ever increasing tallies of veg*n donors and the number of lives they have saved. So not only can we save lives with our blood, we can also highlight the fact that veg*ns are perfect candidates to donate blood.

By registering with Red Veg you not only get to save up to three human lives but you also get to highlight the healthy veg*n lifestyle by adding your donations to our tally. Roll your sleeves up and get on board! The Red Cross snacks aren't vegan friendly (yet) but we're getting it out there!

What do you hope to achieve with the release?
Well, the totals can be accessed by anyone by going to the Red Veg website. Hopefully with more and more veg*ns registering with the Club Red group will result in healthy donation totals. Hopefully this will help dismiss the idea that veg*ns are in some way unhealthy and iron deficient, when the truth is quite the opposite. An ever increasing tally of blood donations from veg*ns will be a valuable resource for anyone who wants to use this data. The more the general public understand the the benefits of veg*nism the better they, the animals and the planet will be.

What has the response been like so far?
Great. Prior to launching the Red Veg website we had donations from SA, NSW, VIC and the ACT. Since the launch we now also have QLD, WA and TAS on board. We don't have any donations fro the NT yet, but we'll keep working on it. Red Veg donors have now saved just over 200 human lives. We couldn't do it without our amazing donors.

What are your future plans?
To continue to promote the benefits of the veg*n diet and through the Red Veg site.
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