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Sydney Naturopath, Evangeline George has recently released The Create Calm at Work book on Kindle, to inspire people to empower themselves. There's also a recipe eBook as an additional healthy dietary tool. She took some time out to answer some of my questions below.


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Why did you decide to write your book?
I had a moment of frustration at work in a stressful position. I had a light bulb moment and realised that I would like to write a book about creating calm. This idea was persistent and wouldn’t go away so I went with it! We spend so much time at work each day and the work environment can be a major source of stress for people. Due to being an accredited Naturopath I had insights to share about food, nutrition and herbal medicine and how they can help to create calm. I also had information to share about other tools that I used such as meditation, EFT and taking the initiative to learn new skills at zero or minimum cost. I wanted to share this with other people so that their work life and therefore their home life could be more peaceful.
What do you hope to achieve with the release?
I would like to inspire people to empower themselves and grow as individuals. The stress will always be there but it is how we handle it and respond to it that makes the world of difference. I would like people to take a step back and develop the skills to react to stress in a different way and make healthy stress-prevention activities and time a part of their routine. By reading the book I want people to know that others also feel work stress and there are some fantastic case studies in the book. I want people to realise that they need to respect themselves more and not get caught up in the negative self-talk. I also wanted to share valuable information with people on how to make healthy food choices to nourish their body, nervous system, brain and immune system to help them become more physically resilient to stress.
What has the response been like so far?
Really positive! I was really happy when someone described it as being “digestible”. I tried to write the book keeping in mind that the people reading it would be overwhelmed and stressed. The Kindle version has a lot of pictures which was important for me to bring colour and beauty to the book to make people feel more uplifted and inspired and to help get some of the important messages across. I have been told that the book “turned out beautifully”. My Mum’s friend was recently diagnosed with cancer and I was touched to learn that it was helping her through this stressful time.
What’s the message you want people and activists to take from your book?
I want people to feel empowered. I want people to stop feeling overwhelmed and powerless and to make some changes to be more content and happy and fulfilled. Most of us have to work and it is a major part of our lives, so if we can bring some happiness to the work sphere then why not? Work can be an opportunity to develop and discover so many wonderful characteristics, hidden talents and skills outside of your job description. So I would like people to acknowledge that they have these opportunities at work to develop and discover more about themselves.
I think many activists are incredible, inspiring people. Many of them might work a day job and do activist work outside of their working hours in addition to maintaining other responsibilities like raising a family or looking after loved ones, caring for and rescuing animals etc. This may create more stress for them in terms of juggling responsibilities and looking after themselves physically when working long hours. I have done volunteer work for years for causes that I am passionate about while also working at my “day job” and I know what it’s like to juggle these.
I think another area with work stress for activists can be when practices and people at your day job are not in alignment with the activism work that you are so passionate about. For example vegans might not enjoy having to attend work functions that aren’t vegan (especially with poor vegan options available), or working for an organisation that doesn’t have environmentally-friendly practices or working with staff that don’t share any interest (or respect) for what you are passionate about, or being in a situation where you feel like the odd one out for requesting safety clothing for work that is not made of leather. I think that the book may help activists a lot if they face these sorts of issues at work. Through learning to channel their energy better, and being able to react differently they may also become more effective activists.
What are your future plans?
I wait to see what I am inspired to do next! Personally I don’t plan ahead too much. When I am inspired I take action and try to do my best at whatever I am undertaking.

How long did the book take to make from creation of recipes to release?
I created the recipe e-book as a tool to help people who were inspired by the Create Calm book to know how to go about making these healthy dietary changes. The recipe book took about a week or two, as I was able to use recipes and photographs that I had tried and taught others how to make over the years through the classes that I have delivered. The Create Calm at Work book ended up taking about a year to complete while also working full time. I can now say that I know what goes into creating a book - and don’t you just love public holidays!
What other vegan people helped you with the book?
I had some of the best vegan contributors for the book! I am very grateful to these people for their contributions:
Betska K-Burr who is Co-President of Coaching and Leadership International Inc. Betska has been an Executive and Life Coach since the mid 1990’s. She has coached people from CEO’s to front line workers, royalty and top politicians. Betska uses special coaching techniques called CLI’s Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics and she shared a great case study in the book.
Robyn Chuter who is an incredible Naturopath, EFT therapist and Counsellor. Robyn was able to share some various insights in the book about mindfulness, healthy dieting, different insights into work place stress and some great case studies. Her particular areas of expertise fit the book perfectly.
I also interviewed Manni Manirath who is a super-fit, energetic and vibrant Emotional Eating Consultant and author of Get off the Diet Merry Go Round. Manni gave insights about exercise and motivational tips for readers.
Evangeline George is an accredited Naturopath and author of Create Calm at Work Create Calm in Life. Inspired by her own struggles with workplace stress Evangeline employed various methods to find calm and was motivated to share them with others. The book also includes information about which foods and nutrients can promote a positive mood, increase mental clarity, help to ease depression and decrease stress. Recipes are available on her website.
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